Episode 3: Bizzabo - Eran Ben Shushan

Anyone knows that mingling is a key part of business social events and conventions and for a good reason too, but approaching that large hall full of anonymous people make us feel disoriented, and finding the right person in the crowd often becomes a frustrating chore. Well, these days are OVER… READ MORE

Episode 2: WhoDoYou - Yoav Schwartz

Yoav and his team are working on a solution for an ancient problem – how to find a trusted service provider. They offer several solutions for getting recommendations for a trusted local business providers. Yoav says that… READ MORE

Episode 1: Lev Kerzhner - My Green Budy

My Green Buddy is the way Lev Kerzhner and co-founders wants to change the world of home gardening. Their mission – to create an ultra accurate way to grow your plant without killing it. READ MORE