Augury is bringing predictive maintenance technology to new markets. The technology combines two key shifts in the industry: artificial intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things. The intersection of these trends allows Augury to provide machines with a mechanical nervous system and the awareness to optimize their own health, thereby accelerating human productivity and safety. To learn more about Augury, visit or follow on Twitter @augurysys.


As Chief Technology Officer at Augury, Gal has extensive experience in signal processing, software engineering, and embedded systems. Prior to founding Augury, Gal was the Head of Software development at EndyMed, a medical devices start-up. He also worked at Zoran, a chip manufacturing company, as a firmware engineer. Gal holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Communication, Communication, Communication.


For Gal Shaul, CTO and Co-founder of Augury, it’s all about the people. Almost every move and decision is discussed with people he trusts most. These people vary from day to day; friends, investors, and even his four-year-old daughter. He loves to understand from them and is grateful to learn from them.

Augury uses vibration analysis technology to perfect predictive maintenance. The technology itself has been used for 30 years in the aviation industry, but Shaul and his team are planning to bring it to the consumer market through innovation and hard work. He admits to starting a few companies in his garage before finding his passion-project today. There were ups and downs, with many lessons along the way. Today, Augury has raised $25 million.

Their first investment was an anonymous donation for $50,000. “We never met the guy. One day, we received an American check and had to work out what to do with it and how to utilize it. It was our first battle.”

Shaul explains that venture capitalists can spot when someone is worth the risk. They may not know the industry or understand the technology, but they connect with people. It is a connection that is incapable of being forced or faked. “They do this for a living. They know what to look for.” Investors like to understand the people.

Communication is an important aspect of Augury and how it got to where it is. This isn’t a surprise, considering that its technology operates around understanding machines when they ‘talk’. Its sensitive algorithms can recognize even the smallest change in the frequencies machines create and alert the user when it may need repairs. It listens to machines in the same way its founders listen to the people around them.

A surprising admittance in the startup world – Gal Shaul doesn’t have dark days. He claims it is due to a bad memory, but as this episode shows, it is all about the mentality when building something people enjoy and benefit from. “Always remember the bigger picture and find someone to talk to.”

This week’s episode with Augury dives into the importance of people and communication.

James Spiro