Jolt is a learning experience that perfectly integrates into your lifestyle. Our mission is to make learning a habit, by providing gym like memberships to local learning hubs, which offer the ideal learning experience for the life-long learner (homo adaptus). Jolt talks are sessions that take place in a futuristic classroom, with up to 14 people, and are led by world class experts who join on live video to teach from their most current experience.


Nitzan Cohen Arazi is the co founder of Jolt. She has been involved in the vibrant Israeli Startup eco-system for most of her career, acquiring experience as an accelerator manager, investment manager, and now a founder of her own startup.

She has a lot of experience in teaching and coaching, mainly from her position in the Israeli air force where she served fortwo years in the age of 18.

In March last year, Nitzan was named Forbes 30 under 30.

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