GreenQ, a young, innovative and growing company aiming to bring the best technology to the municipal waste pick-up procedure. Moving fast with strategic partners, we are working to fulfill our vision to improve the urban living area.
Our smart waste management services are designed to meet the needs of municipalities, integrators, and collection providers.
GreenQ is currently operating in 7 sites, with a SaaS business model, that differentiates from a monthly plan and yearly plan.


Shlomy is GreenQ’s CEO & Co-Founder, is a serial entrepreneur, owner of a nationwide services company and founder of start-up companies in the fields of mobile, transportation and technology.

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Smart Cities are Garbage.


Startups are rarely described as sexy. For those on the outside – they look trendy and niche: millennials tapping away on their Apple computers while meeting at the coffee station of their boutique workspace. For those who live and breathe it, the startup world can be a garbage place to be.

For Shlomy Askenazi, that is literally the case.

GreenQ monitors and optimises waste collection. It takes waste collectors and perfects the routes for garbage trucks to ensure a more efficient route.

“The easiest way to understand us is as both an IoT company and a big data company. We have devices on garbage trucks, and we use the data to do smart things.”

Perhaps not the sexiest topic or industry. But as a two-trillion dollar industry, there’s a lot of money in trash. When you find a way to save time, money, energy, and gas, the low-tech field can be your oyster.

GreenQ was founded in 2016 and is based in Israel. With aims to leave to push efforts on the marketing side, the five co-founders, all have the advantage of not being driven by money.

“People want money to spend it, we were the opposite. It’s very interesting to build up a business,” explains Askenazi. “Garbage took our attention: it’s a large scale operations but there’s no tech about the management of waste disposal.”

There are many fields in the public sector that remain drastically lacking some of the new technology that comes from private businesses. As well as garbage disposal, other industries include emergency services or public hospitals. Together with his co-founders, Shlomy Askenazi is helping clean our streets and bring our smart cities well into the 21st century.


James Spiro