Salient Eye


Salient Eye was established in 2015, with 5 employees and offices in Ramat Gan.

We have developed an innovative technology that turns any unused smartphone/tablet (Android or iOS) into a personal security or monitoring system (such as home security , elderly care monitoring, etc.) with an online connection to a 24/7 Control Center.

We have more than 1.3 Million organic downloads worldwide (>150 countries) with a great rating of 4.4 (out of 5) and we support 20 languages.

Our Go To Market strategy is B2B2C with Security, Insurance and Telecom companies – we have signed an agreement for a collaboration with a large European Insurance company and a few more pilots are in our pipeline.


Tzvika Agassi , Cofounder & CEO

Married + 6 kids (at the ages 5 to 16)

“Haman Talpiot” program, 8200, intelligence corps, IDF

Extensive management experience (13+ years) in the fields of finance and internet

B.Sc computer science & MBA with specialization in finance

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

I Spy With My Little iPhone.


Some of the most inspiring stories come from the most unpleasant experiences.

One night, the founder of Salient Eye was away from his apartment for the weekend while robbers stole almost everything he owned. Upon his return, what was left was an empty house he once called home. Completely barron except for a few old and broken smart devices.

It was this moment when Salient Eye was born. In 2014, the company started to develop technology that turns any smartphone or tablet into a security camera, based on motion detection from inside the house. It takes just three clicks to set up, to which the user receives photos as emails when an intruder is in the house. Today, it can boast more than a million downloads.

Tzvika Agassi joined the team as a Co-Founder in 2015, when they realised they needed a ‘product guy’ to help build their dream. And by dream, it’s not as though the folks hope people get robbed – in fact, it’s just the opposite. They want to provide safety and security to as many people as possible.

“The biggest barrier is the initial cost of a camera – but now you can use your old devices,” explains Agassi. “Everyone has an old tablet or smartphone lying around.”

He’s right. It’s estimated there will be more than 8 billion smartphones by 2020 – more than the entire population of Earth. Considering 1.2 billion people don’t have access to electricity, it’s safe to say there is a surplus.

Salient Eye is somewhat contradictory in its technology. It revolutionises the way in which we protect ourselves, but relies on old hardware and software to do so. And while many of us keep our old phones, the chances are they are already damaged. Either way, Salient Eye operates on iOS 7 (iPhone 4) and Android 2.2. It is a trendy addition to vintage software.

And it may just save your home.


James Spiro