Tukuoro is a Voice Tech startup company, transforming any voice-enabled devices or apps- in any language or accent, to an accurate & reliable voice interaction experience. We’ve developed Tukuoro to be the Voice User Interface (VUI) infrastructure for the voice-activated, connected world. Tukuoro solution is easily implemented and processes the voice input, within the user’s dynamically created context, to provide an accurate data results. Using proprietary NLP and ML cloud-based engine, Tukuoro solution is self-improving with every use of the user.

These days, Tukuoro is launching several partnerships with global corporations, within the IoT, mobile workforce and Automotive segments. Some of our customers implement our technology as part of smart homes, in-car systems and more…


Amir is an dedicated entrepreneur. Worked with various vendors from information security (PKI), end point protection to video processing. He worked a lot with CRM solutions of all sorts (on premise, cloud) and learned closely about the mobile workforce challenges, sales and services. With Tukuoro, Amir and the rest founding team are leveraging the increasing interest in voice by offering the innovative approach for implementing it.

Amir is a husband and a father to 3 boys (!), and believes that Success is always about US, not about me.

User Interaction – Insights of a Voice Layer Solution Vendor” ( https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/voice-user-interaction-insights-layer-solution-vendor-amir-tsrouya)

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Walk the Walk, Talk the Tukuoro.


“Siri, write this Cameltary for me.” I said after one long day. I had walked home in the rain, remembered I had no food, and had certainly taken my work home with me for the next few hours.

“Alexa,” I said again, more firmly. “Do my laundry.”

Voice command and response isn’t quite there yet, but Amir Tsrouya at Tukuoro has high hopes. He founded the company to offer voice recognition services within apps to work accurately.

“Tukuoro allows any customer in any segment to integrate a voice command system into his solution,” Tsrouya says. “We provide a software component that’s easily implemented – making any customer or user base use their voice for controls.”

This is actually a larger deal than many people realise. It wasn’t too long ago in 2011 (centuries in the tech space), when Siri had been unable to understand the Scottish accent. Today, Tsrouya confesses that Israelis must “go into a quiet room for these things to understand us, and that’s not real life.”

“My Israeli friends find it amazing when Siri works for me…” The Camel’s host Adir brags, from his New York accent.

Humans had to learn how to talk to Siri so it can understand us. Tukuoro helps these devices and softwares process information within speech context – through processes in a cloud. Today, it supports any language except symbol based languages, such as Chinese.

Tukuoro was originally bootstrapped by the founders and now offers three main differences to that of its main competitors, the tech giants like Facebook and Google: Accuracy, simple to implement, and the fact they don’t store the data.

“You see places in Europe concerned about privacy. Tukuoro offers all the data.” This, it seems, is a big selling point.

Eventually, Tukuoro aims to raise funding of approximately 500-700k, and enter the gaming and e-commerce space. With young people getting more used to talking to their machines, it makes sense for companies to work out how they can get people spending money through voice-controlled apps – think ordering a pizza or ordering an Uber.

“Ok Google,” I say. “Now edit this piece.”


James Spiro