GreenIQ, the leader of the smart garden revolution, developed an IoT platform for efficient landscape irrigation. The platform controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather, and reduces water consumption by up to 50%. GreenIQ also developed a smart sprinkler controller with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity that can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, using an app. GreenIQ’s IoT platform enables connectivity to soil sensors for moisture balance control and to a flow meter that provides leaks and pipe break alerts. GreenIQ is the perfect solution for homeowners, professional landscapers, irrigation companies, commercial real estate, and municipalities.


Odi Dahan is the founder and CEO of GreenIQ, an IoT startup that leads the smart garden revolution. GreenIQ develops IoT platforms and products that reduce water consumption by controlling irrigation scheduling based on the weather. Prior to founding GreenIQ, Odi served in many senior R&D management positions, including 10 years as Chief Architect in Freescale Semiconductor.  Odi holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, and an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzlia, Israel. Odi also holds 7 patents in a variety of system architecture aspects.

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

To Have The Rainbow, You Need To Experience The Rain.


The discovery of gravity was prompted by an apple. A small and insignificant fruit fell on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, accelerating scientific discoveries to impact the world as we know it today. It was a moment of ‘Why?’ It seems so obvious today, but at the time, it was considered one of the greatest accomplishments.

Odi Dahan looked out his window one night as his sprinklers were operating in the heavy rain. Frustrated with the waste of water, and intimidated by facing the stormy night outside, he longed to reach for an app that could control the sprinklers. Better yet, he wanted the app to recognise the rain and stop the sprinkler cycle on its own. Again, it seemed so simple.

GreenIQ offers a service so unbelievably practical, the fact it didn’t already exist was, in itself, unbelievable. That night, Dahan worked on building the smart irrigation controller that is now being sold in Europe and North America. The IoT device controls sprinklers via wifi or cellular service and adjusts its scheduling to water garden depending on the weather.

“The industry has been stagnant for decades,” Dahan says. “I buy the same device as my father 35 years ago.” In his mind, it made complete sense to help revolutionise the market and save fresh water around the world. Today, the GreenIQ community has thousands of users.

Much like the storm that prompted his revolution, his moment of calm didn’t come without its struggles. His darkest hour was August 2016 – looking at the bank account, running out of money. It seemed inescapable, until a destined phone call from new German investors. The undisclosed amount has helped grow the company to 15 people whose next big goal is sales and growth.

“Just be amazing. Make sure you are what you think about when they go to sleep,” Dahan advices for when entrepreneurs must face talking to investors. “They see a lot of entrepreneurs, they need to remember you!”

“Never think you are small. Whatever you do, do it from a point of strength. Never be an underdog, be a winner.”

Indeed, it is always darkest before the dawn, and calmest after the storm. For Odi Dahan, the storm was his apple.


James Spiro