AppReal-VR is an Israeli software company, specializing in VR & AR, Co-founded by Yariv Levski, the CEO and Aviram Eisenberg, the CTO. AppReal-VR recruits and manages dedicated teams in Ukraine for companies who wish to develop VR and AR offshore or lack the internal knowledge or resources to do that. The company has deep knowledge of 3D modeling and software development for XR domains, has its own IP of development tools and platform. AppReal-VR works with some of the largest companies in  the world in developing applications and products for VR and AR, in verticals such as – medicine, gaming, advertising and more…


Yariv Levski has worked in several industries during his 20+ year career. He started as a marketing manager at of some of Israe’sl biggest companies (012, Leumi Card and Bezeq International), moved to Deputy CEO for Dori Media Spike and managed an eHealth second opinion Israeli startup. In between he was on the board of directors for 3 Israeli startups: TVTak (acquired), Appforma, and Tekoia. Yariv is also an Ironman, meaning he completed (And survived..) a competition of 3.8km swimming, 180km cycling and 42.2km marathon run.

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Build Your Own Future.


Entrepreneurs want to change the world. They think, try, fail, try harder, succeed, and relish in the new field they have created. Some people, like Yariv Levski, literally change their world.

As CEO of AppReal-VR, Levski creates worlds. The AR and VR service company has clients mainly based in Europe, and although they have to remain anonymous, he doesn’t shy away from the industries he is impacting.

“We can do whatever can be done. Education, fashion, medical, gambling, museums,” he lists each vertical off as a checklist for some of the ways his company is helping others. As a service company, AppReal-VR doesn’t provide any product, but instead helps other companies see their VR and AR ambitions come into fruition. “They don’t have the ability or knowledge we do, so AppReal does the work for companies.”

Designing long-term projects in the VR world is a difficult one to get right: for AR, even three months can seem like a lifetime. “In no other industry has there been such a quick change in the consumer level than in tech.”

Much of its marketing success has come from more conventional means of communication. It’s blog receives hundreds of unique hits each day – something rather impressive for such a niche market. In the words of Levski, “what niche can you be number 1? If you’re 2 or 3, make your own niche.”

A key element of their success is their age, and how it offers the insights most entrepreneurs don’t have. Like he says, thinking like a 40-year-old is different to thinking like a 27-year-old.

“I always had a lot of ideas, but I didn’t start my first business until after the age of 40.”

As AppReal-VR prepares to compete against some of the world’s largest tech giants (Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Samsung, to name a few), it’s important to have the energy and drive to keep working.

“This is a long race. You have to plan for 10 years.”

Looking forward to seeing you there – goggles and all.


James Spiro