The future of digital communications with customers is already here! Seegnature offers a next-generation customer engagement platform that suits customer self-service scenarios as well as real-time collaboration with an agent. Bypassing the constraints of in-person or remote transactions, Seegnature empowers consumer-facing enterprises to close transactions instantly from a distance through easy collaboration with clients in real time before closing a transaction. This increases closing ratios, reduces process time, increases customer satisfaction, and eliminates the need for an in-person encounter. Less than 1 year since it’s launch, Seegnature has already raised more than $1.8 million to date and is working with giant global companies such as: PWC, Citi, Daimler, Coca-Cola, Axa & Groupon. With momentum on its’ side and after winning several Fin-tech & Insur-tech competitions, Seegnature now aims to go global and focus on the U.S. Financial Services industry.


Yair is a driven multidisciplinary manager with a proven track record of 10+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical, financial & legal fields. Prior to Seegnature, Yair worked at the pharmaceutical Giant, Eli Lilly, performing several managerial roles: Brand Manager, Sales Manager and E-Channels Manager. Prior to that, he gained finance and legal experience in his roles as assistant to the CEO & legal counsel of a large investment house as well as a junior associate in a leading commercial law firm. Yair holds an MBA from Insead Business School, a bachelor’s degree in law (L.L.M) (Certified lawyer) and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management (B.A.) majoring in Finance at the IDC. 

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

“Seeing” A Niche in the Market.


Yair Ravid is all about the close. Many parts of running a startup focus on the beginning: pitching, funding, marketing, and expanding. People are often told about the troubling bumps every entrepreneur and young company face when building their passion project. For some, if not most, the end is nothing more than a mirage in the distance.

Seegnature is the opposite – the entire platform exists for companies and individuals to easily and remotely sign contracts and deals electronically, without ever having to meet face to face. It provides a means to close important deals and contracts.

With a focus on the financial services industry (banks, insurance, and investment companies), clients never have to actually meet. Dozens of companies are using the service, speeding up transactions around the world.

Ironically, Yair considers himself a late bloomer in the startup world. For someone with a knack for closing, it seemed he was slow to even start. “I started in the corporate world. Only when I felt I had the right tools to succeed, I decided to go for it and build my own company.”

Like most entrepreneurs – Yair decided to fill a gap he recognised needed filling. “There was incredible inefficiency with paperwork for financial deals, both from the company’s and the client’s point of view. After completing my MBA, I felt I had the tools to pursue this and solve the problem.”

In line with the nature of the company, the whole thing was developed and implemented quickly – he was eager to ‘close.’ Six months after its launch, Seegnature is now being used by dozens of companies around the world.

In reality, the platform acts as a millennial’s dream: it caters to their desire to work from home and avoid any form of human interaction. Small contacts can be signed efficiently, and large contracts can be signed remotely. This is because Seegnature can technically be applied to any industry outside just financial sectors.

“It’s not just signatures. It’s any transactions that require both parties. This includes paperwork, agreements, exchanging utility bills, share screens, and can confirm identities. Once you provide people with this platform, the possibilities are endless.”

As the world becomes more connected through various platforms and networks, it seems appropriate to tackle the challenges of virtual interactions. With Seegnature, you can sign on the dotted line wherever you are.

Now that’s a good way to close.


James Spiro