​Ranky is a startup marketing company, with a portfolio of 300 known tech companies. The Ranky team helps startups grow using content, social, automation and paid campaigns.​

​Clients range from israel to europe and US.​


Yoav Vilner is CEO at Ranky. He’s been mentoring startups in accelerators across Israel, London and New york, and writes about startups for magazines such as Forbes, Huffington post, inc, CNBC, Entrepreneur and more.




CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Banking On The Ranking.


Online searchers don’t have the time or energy to look for what they want. It has been reported that only 9% of people go to the second page of Google when looking for something specific. This means that people would rather redefine their whole search than journey into the dark web of Page 2 of Google. Basically, SEO is king.

Ranky, led by Yoav Vilner, has helped 250+ startups be seen where they need to be. Partnered with companies like Hubspot, the company helps smaller companies accomplish strong SEO, social media, and marketing positions.

Why does Vilner focus on startups alone and not normal companies? “ It is much more fun to help startups. We never even thought about branding or marketing ourselves.”

Yoav Vilner started working with SEO results around 8 years ago, when the service was ‘in its diapers’. Often being the youngest person in the room, he usually had to stress the importance of SEO to older CEOs who were less-versed in its benefits.

“Younger people are better at understanding the industry, but you have to work harder to impress older people,” he explained. Vilner launched Ranky when he was 25 years old, bringing instinct and understanding to hundreds of companies in Israel.

There are many PR companies in Israel, and Ranky prides itself on not being a corporate chain of industry suits. His biggest tip for marketing is focussing on the position of the CEO, and not necessarily the product. “Founders need to address themselves as thought leaders. People google the founders, and want to know what they think about the industry. A lot of people don’t realise that it’s easy to start if you’re on your own.”

Ranky’s first client hired Yoav in the attempt to help raise $100k for financing. They did such a good job in marketing that it went on to raise $150k. Subsequently, Ranky was profitable from its first job and has never sought funding. Quite a difference from the hundreds of other small companies growing out of Startup Nation.

Today, Ranky is hiring people in almost every facet of their business. They are looking for SEO masters, marketing specialists, and PR professionals. Vilner is now enjoying watching his own company grow in the same way he has helped so many others. “I love watching a baby grow. It doesn’t matter what the company is, as long as it grows.”

“Remember, if you don’t have competitors, you don’t have a good product.”


James Spiro