Flytrex is building the world’s first drone delivery operating system, enabling the on-demand drone revolution.


Prior to FlytrexYariv was the Founder and CEO of SpaceIL – the Israeli team at the Google Lunar X-Prize competition. SpaceIL’s mission: landing an unmanned spaceship on the moon, for a fraction of the traditional cost. Under Yariv’s management, the non-profit SpaceIL has raised more than $30 million.




CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Come Flytrex With Me.


There are few business leaders who have faced more adversity than Yariv Bash. While most entrepreneurs battle the normal problems or stress and finances, those excuses will likely put Bash to sleep.

That’s because Bash was in a three-day medically induced coma. As Founder of Flytrex, it’s the only real time off he allows himself.

Flytrex is a drone delivery service company delivering goods to customers. Using autonomous drones controlled from a cloud, users just press a button and the product is delivered straight to the person who ordered their item. Capable of carrying up to 3kg for 10 miles, Flytrex provides its users with everything “from sushi and hamburgers, to dishwasher soap! People don’t care about drones, but service industries do.”

“86% of deliveries are below 2.6kgs,” Bash explains. “I wouldn’t want to see a drone deliver a fridge any time soon, but now you have 747s flying above your head, so who knows?”

Yariv Bash carries a sense of optimism that no average person – let alone business leader – possesses. After a tragic skiing accident in March 2017, he was left in a coma awakening as a paraplegic. As he describes, it was a tough time for him, but also Flytrex’s toughest hour.

His passion for delivering goods and services through the sky is inspired by good people around him, He gets advice from his friends, and energy from his children. “They wake me up each day – both physically and emotionally.”

As Flytrex grows under his supervision, they are now making millions of dollars profit in services currently in Iceland and Panama. He knew drones would be a game-changer – in the same way the internet boosted the retail industry. “Imagine not having a website as a retailer! Why order anything in the future when Amazon will do it in 15-20 minutes.”

If Flytrex takes just 1% of this massive market, Amazon is helping create awareness about, Bash claims he’ll be happy. With an attitude like his, we can’t see why he wouldn’t be.


James Spiro