Wisor is developing a product to help loan officers and mortgage brokers to close more deals and reduce the cost of handling leads. It is a SaaS platform that utilizes data to create better engagement with potential customers, create personalized loans, and increase retention using proactive monitoring.


Omri has over 10 years of experience in Mortgage lending and consulting. Before founding Wisor, Omri was a “Shaliah” to the San Francisco Jewish Federation and worked with students and young adults to educate and advocate for Israel. Omri grew up between San Diego CA and Haifa and is a Black-Belt in Karate.

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Streamlining Loaning, to Stop You Groaning.

Omri Dotan, CMO of Wisor, wants to make your life easier. He wants you to make the right decision when embarking on one of the most important financial decisions of your life – getting a mortgage.

“Mortgages are the backbone in the economy, they are the most important decision in your life,” he says. “Our software is important so as not to get screwed. People pay less for their mortgages, it’s a win/win.”

Wisor uses data aggregation to optimise loans for companies and individuals. Lenders who use ‘adaptive lending’ can make all sorts of changes and specific requirements depending on things like lifestyle, the state of the economy, family life, or work progress.

This, the company claims, will reduce costs and lower risks for all involved – it is expected to completely change the way the economy functions.

“Once the loan is closed, then the relationship really begins,” Dotan explains. “ We monitor the industry, data, lifestyle, and if they changed.” Through their services they: “help banks, loan originators and Fin-tech innovators to deliver essential loan banking services to individuals around the world.”

“It’s about communication,” he believes. “When you look at someone during a meeting, the relationship is set.” This results in highly tailored loan portfolios, with Wisor changing the way we manage and service our money.

For young people seemingly stuck in a financial battle, loans may have never looked sexier.


James Spiro