Tomobox uses artificial intelligence and human collaboration to drive customer experiences through texting and messaging for financial institutions.


As CEO, David is responsible for executing the company’s visionary business plan. David brings over 20 years of successfully launching technology companies from ground up to production and sales. His previous company XLoom Communications, was recently acquired by Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ: MLNX). David joined XLoom Communications, Ltd. as VP Product Marketing and was promoted to CEO where he led the company to launch the Avdat 4X a 20GB Infiniband optical transceiver for high speed data centers. Prior to joining XLoom, David was EIR at a boutique investment bank DBINV (De-Kalo, Ben Yehuda) where he represented among others France Telecom’s venture arm. Previous to that he has founded, managed, launched and generated on-going revenues for three software technology based companies in Internet, Networking and Enterprise software (Paspartoo, Triton and Athena).  David holds an M.A. (Cum Laude) in Philosophy from the Tel Aviv University, and a B.A. in Humanities and Social Studies from the Open University (with Highest Honors). David is a veteran of the IDF Mamram unit from which he was a team leader and discharged as Captain. He speaks Hebrew and English as native tongues.

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

Tomobox: The Bots of Tomorrow.


Artificial Intelligence still has a long way to go before consumers welcome it as a part of their everyday life. Currently, brands lose billions of dollars a year due to frustrations when dealing with immature chatbots and unreliable services. Tomobox is changing that.

“All the good AIs are hybrid. There are still humans ready to intervene,” CEO Davis Sachs explains. “Right now, we take machines and teach them how to speak like humans. We expect AI to replace call centres: no waiting, quick, and polite.”

For Sachs, it’s all about the interactions between the public and the brands. Now on his fourth company, he has admitted he got the idea for Tomobox by watching his daughter preferring to interact with him over a messaging platform – bypassing most millennials’ fear of speaking on the telephone.

A chatbot, he explains, is a small, fast, clever piece of code – but limited in its capabilities. Facebook’s assistant, M, still has 300 humans ready to intervene if the programs encounters a dialogue it doesn’t yet understand. Tomobox analyses data, interprets conversational habits, and produces actionable insights in how they can perform better.

With an initial $2 million in funding, the company now runs out of Tel Aviv and Tampa, Florida (the call centre capital of America), and has a team of eight professionals. The startup world is a grind, something that makes Sachs’ natural alarm clock his anxiety.

“We feed off disappointments, our DNA is about grit,” he says. Despite the ‘many’ dark hours he has each day, Tomobox is finding its feet as one of the most promising AI-led messaging. “Nobody can pitch AI, so pitch something that people can relate to. Do your tests and trials, finish your marketing message, and adopt some of the winning tactics.”

Spoken like a true bot.


James Spiro