Intezer is replicating the concepts of the biological immune system into cyber security, offering enterprises unparalleled threat detection and accelerated incident response. Intezer was founded by experienced cyber security professionals, including the founder of CyberArk and the former head of IDF Incident Response Team.


Itai Tevet possesses a powerful combination of in-depth technical expertise and leadership experience in mitigating state-level cyber threats. He previously served as the head of IDF CIRT, the Israeli Defense Force’s Cyber Incident Response Team, where he led an elite group of cyber security professionals in digital forensics, malware analysis, incident response and reverse engineering.

The Cameltary (Camel Commentary)

Sometimes, Running a Startup Makes You WannaCry.


Itai Tevet, one of the founders of Intezer, is building a product that could save us from some of the world’s biggest future attacks. With military experience from Israel, he knows a thing or two about dealing with attacks.

“Almost every company is threatened by cyberattacks,” he explains. “But often they don’t have the budget for the protection they need.”

The most recognised example of these types of attacks was known as the WannaCry ransomware attack of May 2017. Affecting more than 200,000 people in 150 countries, it shows the risks we face as our world becomes more affected in the future. It is becoming the business model for mafia and crime lords.

Intezer is a cybersecurity startup that takes inspiration from the biological immune system. With 11 people in company – including three founders, one of which is an investor – it works with financial, retail, and technology companies to prevent these attacks.

‘Working in the Israeli Army, I was used to dealing with attacks,” Tevet explains casually. Today, it has introduced what it calls ‘one of the most innovative and transformative technologies for dealing with cyber threats’: Code Intelligence™.

Of course, running a startup won’t save the world overnight. As CEO, he has admitted to the difficulties small companies face when starting from the beginning, with the most notable difference being the lack of consistent finding.

“In a corporation, you can have many dreams in parallel, with a startup, you have just one dream.” Today, Intezer builds its dream out of a Mindspace in Tel Aviv, a shared working space with Tevet describes as a ‘cloud of offices’.

It seems an appropriate place for Intezer to grow and thrive. The cloud of great minds and growing companies, Tevet and his team and leading the way toward a safer and more connected world with the entrepreneurs and businesses of tomorrow.


James Spiro