Cybereason is the leader in endpoint protection, offering endpoint detection and response, next-generation antivirus, managed monitoring and IR services. Founded by elite intelligence professionals born and bred in offense-first hunting, Cybereason gives enterprises the upper hand over cyber adversaries. The Cybereason platform is powered by a custom-built in-memory graph, the only truly automated hunting engine anywhere. It detects behavioral patterns across every endpoint and surfaces malicious operations in an exceptionally user-friendly interface.

Cybereason is privately held and headquartered in Boston with offices in London, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.


Yossi Naar, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder, is an accomplished software developer and architect. Since he founded cybereason in 2012 the company raised $189 million from investors like Softbank, Lockheed Martin, CRV, and Spark Capital. During his 20 years of industry experience, Yossi has designed and built many products, from cutting-edge security platforms for the defense industry to big data platforms for the AdTech / digital marketing industry.

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We are moving to an ever-changing digital world. The Internet of Things and connectivity is moving more of our world online. Of course, with this move comes a volatile environment open to hackers and severe security breaches. Thankfully, Cybereason is there to help us along the way.

“If a government wanted to get into your house, they would find a way 100% of the time,” Explains CVO and Co-Founder Yossi Naar. “The Internet is not the same, but when you look at companies getting attacks, it’s getting bigger.” Examples of recent cyber attacks include the Sony attack in 2014, where companies were being threatened by foreign governments, leaking thousands of personal data.

Internet hacks can cause millions of dollars worth of damage. To deal with this new generation of attacks, Cybereason provides protection against hackers. What this exactly means changes over time.

“There are so many different verticals. No one can stop attacks entirely, but we can stop them causing damage. Using automated hunting and AI-based tech, we catch hackers once they trespass into a terroritary.”

Naar explains that acts like this only occurred within governments and militaries, but are now spreading to the public. With a background in the military and software programming, he knew he could help fix this problem. What was once restricted to North Korea, China, Russia, now affects us all. “This is no longer a government problem.”

Today, Cybereason has received $89 million in funding and has 300 employees in Tel Aviv, Boston, London, and Tokyo. Its service helps millions of people protect their Macs and PCs against those who are seeking our most personal information.

To help serve as many people as possible, Cybereason has released RandsomFree – an entirely free service for users to help protect against such crimes. If you’re reading this on an Apple product, you might want to take note. “Due to the common misconception that Macs can’t get hacked or viruses, this actually makes them an easier target.”

As we work out how to best work in this revolutionary world, it is imperative that companies like Naar’s exist to help steer us away from potential dangers, and toward a safer community for all.


James Spiro