Kanabo Research is a biotech company pioneering cutting edge solutions in the medical cannabis industry. Kanabo brings together decades of experience in some of the most important fields revolutionizing the medical world; including extraction technologies, medical devices, delivery systems and more. Kanabo’s mission is to provide turnkey solutions to licensed companies looking to expand their product offering, generate new revenue streams and learn the most advanced technologies developed in Israel’s centers of R&D excellence.


CEO of Kanabo Research A Cannabis Entrepreneur, with five years hands-on experience in multiple cannabis ventures, vast experience in consulting projects for international cannabis ventures. Former senior strategy consultant at Accenture; founder of Teva Nature, the leading vaporizer company in Israel. As a management consultant for many years, Avihu has vast experience in business strategy for major corporations. Today, leveraging this knowledge as an entrepreneur in the fastest growing industry in the world of Medical Cannabis; a focus on Biotechnology, new Agriculture and Agtech, and other breakthrough technologies in the field of Medical Cannabis.

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

 Just Roll With It.


Anyone who is starting a business will tell you it’s all about the supply and demand. Well, what do you get when those risks don’t exist? What business in Israel could possibly be void of a demand problem?

Kanabo Research provides solutions for the medical marijuana industry.

“The world has a different attitude to weed today than it did 10 years ago,” CEO and Founder Avihu Tamir explains. “Imagine where we’re heading 10 years from now.”

A little known fact about Israel: It is the second country after the United States to make the use of medical marijuana legal – back in 2006. Kanabo Research provides the first vape pen and THC extraction fully within medical standards in Israel. It helps people with sleep, pain, and offers its users different moods and feelings.

Its main business is importing and trading vapes that are used for people who like to enjoy the drug. It is becoming more common in recent years, with customers ranging across all ages. Right time, right place, right business to steer the social conversation towards a more liberal state of relaxation and innovation.

“We’re in the middle of a revolution,” Tamir excitingly proclaims. “There is no supply or demand problem here. The only battles we face are ahead with regulatory challenges. We always had our market ready and waiting.”

It all seems so perfect. There must be dark hours that the CEO can remember as he transitioned from his corporate job into a budding startup environment. None yet, he suggests, but someday soon surely.

“Shitty things happen but it’s part of the way,” he says with an attitude that can only be enhanced through the use of marijuana.

He points out that you can’t overdose on weed – unlike prescription drugs from conventional doctors – and that the worst thing to happen is a slight panic attack. It’s unpleasant, but he stresses the importance of education toward the new way of life that sees Israelis laughing and smiling across the country.

“Just do it,” when asked to provide advice for starting a business.

Time to get your dreams rolling.


James Spiro