WeKast makes it easy to connect screens together and share any experiences anywhere. WeKast’s mission is to put an end to the painful presentation process that wastes time by creating a setup-free personal presentation solution that is compatible with all mobile devices. It connects to any screen and lets you present straight from your smartphone.


An entrepreneur, a helicopter pilot, and an adventure seeker, Noemie is the co-founder & CEO of WeKast. After starting her career advising companies in distress at a leading consulting firm in NYC, she joined TheHive startup accelerator in Tel Aviv to help entrepreneurs build new ones. When working with entrepreneurs, she saw hundreds of presentations gone wrong. The vast majority due to technical difficulties. Shortly after, she co-founded WeKast. A few years later, inspired by advanced aerospace technologies, she co-founded Sonorapy – a soundwave-based technology to enable early detection of diseases. Noemie grew up in the south of France and lived in 4 different countries. An avid explorer, she makes a point to visit at least one new country each year.

CAMELTARY (Camel Commentary)

 Doubling Down.


Some people find it hard to run a startup. Noemie Alliel runs two.

With her bright optimism and sharp humour, Alliel explains the one thing that keeps her sane when balancing different projects and tasks – all of which, within different companies: “What wakes me up every morning is loving what I do. I wouldn’t join a startup unless I was passionate about the vision or the idea.”

The first company, where she is only the modest CEO, is WeKast, a casting system that allows presenters to easily connect their work through their mobile phone and HDMI cable. Removing the need for cables, wifi, or additional hardware, it aims to be a business solution similar to AppleTV or Chromecast. Its differences are subtle enough to truly change the way meetings and talks are given in the workplace.

Alliel also founded Sonorapy, a company that offers a portable scanner for doctors or hospitals with an immediate answer. As pointed out, no one likes needles, and so the process of blood tests are removed and patients will soon be able to receive their results instantly. Still in development, Alliel explains the best methods for sharing her new companies with the world.

“Social Media is an amazing tool. Facebook and LinkedIn are free – unless you choose to sponsor posts – and a great way to get your message out beyond friends and family.” Never one to skip a detail, she stresses the importance of appealing to younger audiences. “However, attention spans are limited today, you have to keep your customers connected and engaged all the time.”

Something in her strategy clicked, as her marketing efforts resulted in funding from social sites such as indiegogo and Kickstarter – something that has helped WeKast reach its goal of being available to consumers in January 2018.

Noemie Alliel manages to balance her work and personal life as well as the companies she manages. Making sure to reach eight hours of sleep a night, she says that her life is organised through small changes in her to do list, notably a Google Spreadsheet. There are many aspects that make her an inspiring entrepreneur, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to her.

“My morning routine is not exciting enough to be sharing on a podcast,” she says, modestly. No, it’s just the rest of her day as an entrepreneur, co-founder, CEO, and hard worker.


James Spiro