82: Innovation for survival – This is how eBay does it (Feat Sergio Gonzales, eBay)

In this episode
• Building a culture of permission
• Building an environment which is tolerant of mistakes

81: How PowToon Used Low-Budget Hacks to Gain 5 Million Users (Feat Daniel Zaturansky, PowToon)

In this episode
•The first step of creating a successful startup
•How to use online comments to save a ton on your marketing budget
•Getting your customers to spread the word for you

80: Proven Tips for Managing Your Startup Like a Boss (Feat Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer)

In this episode
•Can you be an entrepreneur and still keep your day job?
•The 15 years rule you should follow when you recruit
•Why “let it go” should be your personal anthem as a manager

79: Waze Co-Founder’s next Startup Will Save You More than $50,000 (Feat. David Weisz, FeeX)

In this episode
•Learn how to run a company by running a…boat?
•The shocking benefits of partnering with experienced entrepreneurs
•An unconventional way to get your employees motivated

78: How to Use Branding to Make Your Startup Look Like a Beast (Feat Hillel Fuld, CMO of Zula)

In this episode
•How to build a powerful startup brand
•Why you should set up a conference NOW
•The only worthwhile platform for creating online relationships

77: Exclusive – How Israel’s Top VC Chooses Startups to Invest in (Feat. Eden Shochat, Aleph)

In this episode
•Out-of-the-box hacks to get VC’s to notice you
•Why you shouldn’t go looking for mentors
•What NOT to do if you want to get funded

76: How Hola went from 80 daily users to 40,000 overnight with zero marketing (Feat. Ofer Vilenski, CEO of Hola)

In this episode
•Why you don’t have to spend a dime on marketing
•The best way to know a if candidate is right for your startup
•How to manage employees without meetings

75: How to Secure Funding from Top VCs Against All Odds (Feat. Yuval Kaminka, Joytunes)

In this episode
•How to transform your employees into ninjas
•How dating can help you raise capital
•How to succeed against all odds as an entrepreneur

74: Nailing Product-Market Fit and ACTUALLY Getting Things Done (Feat. Yotam Cohen, Wibbitz)

In this episode
•The best starting point for a successful entrepreneur
• The one-pager you need to have by your side
•Why product/market fit is the most important stage in a startup’s journey to success

73: Spot.IM’s Ishay Green on successful pivots, and becoming the next Zuckerberg

In this episode
• The “missile strategy” for successful pivots
• The only thing that matters for a successful entrepreneur
• How to hire an amazing programmer instead of just a good one

72: Triumphing challenges on the way to the moon (Feat. Kfir Damari of SpaceIL)

In this episode
• The secret to building a team that can beat every challenge
• How to tell an unforgettable startup story
• How to avoid the common misconception about finding inspiration
• A simple piece of advice you have to follow before becoming an entrepreneur AND MORE

EP 71: Daniel Kushner / Oktopost

In this episode
• Why marketing and sales are getting closer to one another than ever before
• How necessity is the mother of entrepreneurship
• The “one KPI” rule you should follow
• Why constant measurement can save your startup AND MORE

70: Why Bitcoin is the future of E-commerce (Feat. Amos Meiri, COLU)

In this episode
• Why COLU’s tech has an impact on both consumers and governments
• The most important thing an up and coming entrepreneur needs to have
• Finding a VC that sees your full potential
• The 2 MUST HAVES for getting star players on your team AND MORE

EP 69: Dany Fishel / Rounds

In this episode
• How Rounds separates itself from its competition
• Why user feedback can open the door for new ways to use your product
• The surprising origin of Rounds’ concept and its evolution
• How to choose the perfect candidate in 2 interviews… AND MORE

EP 68: Doron Myersdorf / StoreDot

In this episode
• Why not to rely on first impressions when hiring
• The ONE thing you should insist on having in an investor
• The perfect recipe for setting motivational milestones
• How to showcase your tech to big companies without them stealing it… AND MORE

EP 67: Shaul Olmert / PlayBuzz

In this episode
• How Playbuzz revolutionizes the world of content creation
• What made Playbuzz become SO viral
• Why you must hire people who emotionally connect with what you do
• Better move fast than be perfect… AND MORE

EP 66: Hanan Lavy / Microsoft Ventures

In this episode
• How Microsoft Ventures Accelerator helps turn startups into stars
• What makes Israeli entrepreneurs so innovative
• Choosing a co-founder is like you choosing your life-partner
• The #1 mistake every startup should avoid… AND MORE

EP 65: Ron Gura / Aleph

In this episode
• Choosing co-founders who are BETTER than you
• The secret key to productive team communication
• Growing company culture by empowering flag-carriers
• How to increase the chances of an early investment… AND MORE

EP 64: Dr. David Israeli / Pitango Venture Capital (Special)

In this episode
• Choose your investors as long-term partners
• The Dos and Don’ts of pitching to an investor
• Why entrepreneurs MUST master Storytelling
• The vision for Pitango… AND MORE

EP 63: Raphael Ouzan / BillGuard

In this episode
• The Key to building a killer team
• The Best filter EVER for startup job candidates
• The vision for BillGuard
• Entrepreneurs must read the New York Times… AND MORE

EP 62: Ron Yekutiel / Kaltura

In this episode
• Choosing the right co-founders
• Growing company culture from day one
• The future of online video
• Best tip EVER for pitching to an investor… AND MORE

EP 61: Ami Daniel / Windward

In this episode
• The advantage of founders coming from a non-tech background
• Convincing the world you’re doing something significant
• Why a team of ‘Yes Men’ is destructive for your startup
• Drawing your ethical lines… AND MORE