EP 71: Daniel Kushner / Oktopost

In this episode
• Why marketing and sales are getting closer to one another than ever before
• How necessity is the mother of entrepreneurship
• The “one KPI” rule you should follow
• Why constant measurement can save your startup AND MORE

EP 69: Dany Fishel / Rounds

In this episode
• How Rounds separates itself from its competition
• Why user feedback can open the door for new ways to use your product
• The surprising origin of Rounds’ concept and its evolution
• How to choose the perfect candidate in 2 interviews… AND MORE

EP 68: Doron Myersdorf / StoreDot

In this episode
• Why not to rely on first impressions when hiring
• The ONE thing you should insist on having in an investor
• The perfect recipe for setting motivational milestones
• How to showcase your tech to big companies without them stealing it… AND MORE

EP 67: Shaul Olmert / PlayBuzz

In this episode
• How Playbuzz revolutionizes the world of content creation
• What made Playbuzz become SO viral
• Why you must hire people who emotionally connect with what you do
• Better move fast than be perfect… AND MORE

EP 66: Hanan Lavy / Microsoft Ventures

In this episode
• How Microsoft Ventures Accelerator helps turn startups into stars
• What makes Israeli entrepreneurs so innovative
• Choosing a co-founder is like you choosing your life-partner
• The #1 mistake every startup should avoid… AND MORE

כיצד תיצרו תרבות ארגונית שתהפוך את הסטארטאפ לחברה נחשקת

רק שנתיים לאחר סיום התואר הראשון, רון גורה מכר את הסטארטאפ שהקים The Gifts Project לענקית הקמעונאות האמריקאית eBay, במחיר המוערך בעשרות מליוני דולרים. מאז ועד היום הפך רון לאחד היזמים הצעירים הבולטים בסצינת הסטאראטאפים הישראלים, כשהוא ממלא תפקידים כמו ראש מרכז היזמות...

EP 65: Ron Gura / Aleph

In this episode
• Choosing co-founders who are BETTER than you
• The secret key to productive team communication
• Growing company culture by empowering flag-carriers
• How to increase the chances of an early investment… AND MORE

EP 63: Raphael Ouzan / BillGuard

In this episode
• The Key to building a killer team
• The Best filter EVER for startup job candidates
• The vision for BillGuard
• Entrepreneurs must read the New York Times…

EP 62: Ron Yekutiel / Kaltura

In this episode
• Choosing the right co-founders
• Growing company culture from day one
• The future of online video
• Best tip EVER for pitching to an investor…

EP 61: Ami Daniel / Windward

In this episode
• The advantage of founders coming from a non-tech background
• Convincing the world you’re doing something significant
• Why a team of ‘Yes Men’ is destructive for your startup
• Drawing your ethical lines… AND MORE

EP 60: Avishai Sam Bitton / imonomy

In this episode
• Why you should start thinking differently to find your dream job
• Building marketing strategy from the ground up
• The most common marketing mistakes you must refrain from
• Choosing the right marketing channels… AND MORE

EP 59: Alan Weinkrantz / Rackspace

In this episode
• The Rackspace first-year-free program for Startups
• How Israel’s becoming the API of humanity
• What’s different about Israeli entrepreneurs
• The one danger of being in Israel… AND MORE

EP 57: Oz Alon / HoneyBook & Gil Ben-Artzi / UpWest Labs

What if you could plan your entire wedding – from dealing with suppliers to choosing the right catering to inviting guests and sending ‘thank you’ notes – all in one place, over the Web, without even needing to get up from your living-room cozy couch?
Well, now you can. Israeli startup HoneyBook provides the ultimate event organizing experience, online. Be it weddings, birthdays, social gatherings or even corporate events… READ MORE

EP 56: Omer Perchik / Any.DO

Tired of building old school to-do lists that hardly increase your productivity? Omer Perchik, co-founder and CEO of Israeli startup Any.do, has the solution for you. Any.do is a suite of integrated mobile (and now Web) productivity apps that… READ MORE

EP 55: Motti Nisani / emaze

In one the most famous TV commercial ever broadcasted – “1984” – Apple Computer laid the ground for the disruption of IBM’s domination over the personal computer market, with the introduction of the Macintosh. Apple was then a relatively new company, and the move against… READ MORE

EP 54: Amiad Soto / Guesty

Good service – as many of us know – is not simple to find these days. But what about EXCEPTIONAL service?
For Amiad and Koby Soto, the two 27 year old Israeli entrepreneurs who also happen to be twin brothers, the desire… READ MORE

EP 53: Ben Rubin / Air (Yevvo)

The idea of Yevvo (recently rebranded as ‘Air’) was born in 2011 when co-founder and CEO Ben Rubin – then a 3rd year architecture student – began sensing an increasing demand for photo sharing apps on mobile: “By that time, Instagram was beginning to… READ MORE

EP 52: Hanan Laschover / AOL (special)

Timing is not everything, but it can sure make a big difference if you’re working on the right idea with the right people, at the right time.
And back in 2006, when Hanan Loschover co-founded Israeli startup 5min Media, never would he have… READ MORE

EP 51: Kira Radinsky / SalesPredict

Think that future prediction is a field taken from science fiction? Well, it is time to challenge your thinking!
For Dr. Kira Radinsky – a co-founder and the ‘brain’ behind Israeli startup, the future can well be predicted, if you only look for answers… READ MORE

EP 50: Assaf Harel / Jovie

If you have watched Israeli television anywhere in the past 10 years, the name Assaf Harel most probably rings a big bell. One of most acclaimed screenwriters, directors and actors in Israeli television, Harel is most known for his series “Mesudarim”.… READ MORE

EP 48: Guy Boyangu / SiSense

The field of Business Intelligence is all about making data driven decisions. But how do you tell the difference between big data and a big pile of data? In this episode of Startup Camel we are joined by Guy Boyango, Co Founder and Chief Architect of Sisense, “The… READ MORE

EP 47: Lior Sion / Bringg

Bringg is an Israeli startup, which sets to revolutionize the way we get service from companies. It’s also a great example of how entrepreneurship is a perpetual process of evolution, where everybody can learn from everybody. Back in 2010, Uber made a huge impact… READ MORE

EP 45: Itai Tsiddon / Lightricks

It is often said that only 1 in a 100 startup companies hits the profit line. Roughly one in a thousand makes the headlines with a major success story, typically after spending years on the startup rollercoaster with several loops and turnarounds on the way. And while one could… READ MORE

EP 44: Pini Yakuel / Optimove

Optimove is a retention marketing service, which is using data mining to get better marketing results for its customers. Their aim is to make customers come back and use a services time and time again by adjusting the right campaigns to each customer… READ MORE

EP 43: Ori Lahav / OutBrain

there is one thing you simply cannot miss about Ori Lahav, aside from his dominant physical presence (“I’m a big guy” he admits with a smile), it is his affection for lighthouses. “A lighthouse is a central theme in Outbrain” he explains, sitting in front of a long picture of a lighthouse that…READ MORE

EP 42: Oren Levy / Zooz

Some people are simply born to build companies that change the world. But you don’t have to be a ‘lemonade stand kid’ to become a successful entrepreneur. Ask Oren Levy, co-founder and CEO of Zooz, who left behind a remarkable 15 year career of… READ MORE

EP 41: Idan Hershko / Startup Camel (special)

In this episode, Itamar Zur and Lev Kerzner are interviewing Idan Hershko! Idan is a co-founder @ Startup Camel and up until now was our only interviewer. This is the Lev and Itamar’s first interview at Startup Camel – hopefully the first of many others to come…READ MORE

EP 40: Orit Mossinson / GetYou

Orit Mossinson is the founder of Get You with one thing on her mind – to challenge the leading social networks. The Idea came to her mind while she was watching a show called “The Blue Man Group” in London, and her friends urged her to go on the stage with lots of other fans. Since she… READ MORE

EP 39: Yoel Zanger / Giraffic

Yoel Zanger is the founder of Giraffic, a promising Israeli startup company which is pushing the envelope of online video streaming. Since the Http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) was invented to enable sending and receiving information in 1991, a lot… READ MORE

EP 38: Adi Shemesh / Trench

Adi Shemesh, Founder and CEO of the company, got the idea out of a personal necessity. As a “Fashionista” herself, she was always on the look out for new cool outfits and accessories. Materializing this desire involved loosening her purse strings on a regular basis. After using… READ MORE

EP 37: Boaz Hecht / SkyGiraffe

SkyGiraffe is a b2b product which gives employees a comfortable UI to help them manage their work in a faster and more comfortable way. It bypasses multiple legacy management systems that can be found in many large organizations (as SAP, ORACLE, and so on), and controls selected… READ MORE

EP 36: Avishai Sharon / TrenDemon

TrenDemon is all about understanding which pages and content provide higher conversion rates than others, and driving traffic into those pages. This way you can be sure that the content you spent so much time and money creating, is exposed to… READ MORE

EP 35: Tomer Tagrin / Yotpo

The idea of Yotpo emerged after Tomer had a very bad shopping experience. Being a geek, his friends counted on him to find the best camera possible on the budget they had. So Tomer searched online and found a camera that based on recommendations… READ MORE

EP 34: Tomer NeuNer / Parko

You’re driving around the same block for 20 minutes, searching for a parking spot. Now how amazing would it be if you had an app, which could tell you where you could find available parking spots? Well, welcome to the world of… READ MORE

EP 33: Rooly Eliezerov / Gigya

Rooly Eliezerov Gave up 5 years of architectural education to join a startup Called “Hotbar”, which was a small startup back in 1999. He said that this was not a difficult decision for him, since in his core he found himself helplessly drawn to a new world that… READ MORE

EP 32: Rami Ricanati / Roojoom

Rami Ricanati had been working for 8 years in one of the largest gaming companies in the world, 888 Holdings, when he felt he had enough. He wanted to start something new and although he liked his job, he felt he wanted to… READ MORE

EP 31: Moti Menachem / PicBadges

Picbadges is a social platform, which allows its users to create badges and collect them. Their story is a great example for why it’s always important to keep on going, because opportunities can be found in the most unexpected places… READ MORE

AngelHack hackathon @ Tel Aviv

Have you got the skills? Now put them to the test! AngelHack’s new hackathon competition, The Whole Developer, will take place in 30 cities around the world and focuses on soft skills for developers, designers and entrepreneurs, guiding them towards better overall...

EP 30: Saul Singer / Startup Nation (special)

In 2009, Saul Singer wrote, along with Dan Senor, a book that tells the story of the transformation of Israel from being a nation that struggles to survive with very limited economic growth engines, into a global innovation center – second only to the Silicon Valley. In the book… READ MORE

EP 29: Omri Allouche / Otonomic

Several years ago, enthusiastic Omri Allouche was contemplating about how he can turn ideas that he had in mind into businesses. Meanwhile, he noticed that his cousin started occasionally posting on Facebook pictures of good looking marzipan cakes she was making… READ MORE

EP 28: Or Offer / SimilarWeb

About seven years ago, Or Offer, back then the owner of an online jewelry business, had a meeting with a partner from the US which changed his life. He was asked about one of his competitors, which was gaining a lot of reputation in the US market. Much to the surprise of the partner… READ MORE

EP 27: Dr. Rami Cohen / Telesofia

This story is about perseverance and the determination of one man to turn his ideas into a reality. In 2004, Rami Cohen, a physician and one of the first employees of Mirabilis (commonly known as ICQ) noticed the alarming problem of non-adherence in the world of… READ MORE

EP 26: Kobi Stok / JamStar

Kobi Stock is a rocker, a father, and the founder and CEO of Livetune – the company behind JamStar. While playing Guitar Hero with his friends, Kobi made a decision that changed his life. Playing a real guitar could be much more satisfying, he thought, than this plastic guitar… READ MORE

EP 25: Penina First / Swifto

This story is so inspiring – it’s a perfect example of what can happen when you initiate and materialize your ideas.
Penina earned her Masters in biotechnology. Though she was determined to leave her mark on the world, she was not going to… READ MORE

EP 24: Moti Cohen / Qmerce

Moti is an entrepreneur from an early age. He started his first venture when he was only 16 years old, by forming a “comedy club” in his hometown in Israel.
As many other Israeli entrepreneurs, he gained a lot of his skills while he was serving in the Israeli intelligence core. Later, he developed… READ MORE

EP 23: Daniel Sarfati / Applango

Daniel Tsarfati wanted to build a startup company, so he started by interviewing friends and professionals from different industries looking for a problem needed to be solved. Soon enough, he came across a friend who told him that he does not have any way to measure… READ MORE

EP 22: Boaz Zilberman / Project RAY

Boaz Zilberman, one of the pioneers of voice over IP technology in Israel, decided to bring smartphones to the fingertips of a new target audience – the visually impaired.
He has opened the gates to a plethora of opportunities by catering to blind people. READ MORE

EP 21: Offir Gutelzon / Keepy

Offir Gutelzon is one of the founders of the Israeli startup Pic Scout, which was acquired by the stock photography giant – Getty images.
After the exit, Offir moved to New York city to take up an executive job at Getty Image. Not too long after, did the entrepreneurial bug bite him again to spearhead a new, exciting project – Keepy. READ MORE

EP 20: Dr. Shani Keysar / Sol Chip

The journey of Dr. Shani Keysar, founder and CEO of Sol Chip, started unexpectedly several years ago.
Shani, who was then working in the chip industry, had for some time the desire to promote the usage of solar energy in Israel. One day, while driving one of her daughters home, her daughter asked her… READ MORE

EP 19: Yael Givon / Stevie

Since moving away from the big city, Yael Givon and her husband Gil found themselves driving a lot more than before; consequently tuning in to the radio more often, they found it to be rather boring. This is when they had their eureka moment… READ MORE

EP 18: Yaniv Vardi / Panoramic Power

Yaniv is the CEO of Panoramic Power – which is trying to change the world of energy consumption data.
They provide device level energy management, or if you want to put it in simpler words, they bring data about energy consumption directly from the appliances, making it easier for their customers to make educated decisions regarding the way they manage their energy consumption.

EP 17: Gil Blumenfeld / Zazoo

Gil Blumenfeld is a co-founder and the CEO at Zazoo – a technology that enhances the experience of watching music video clips online. This is done by overlaying a contextual content layer above the video, such as the song’s lyrics, a direct way to purchase show tickets, information about the artist and so on.

EP 16: Uri Marchand / Overwolf

Overwolf are also providing a platform for people who wants to build applications to help gamers interact with the world while they are playing computer games. With Overwolf, gamers can easily do this, by simply using one of the apps that different developers built using the Overwolf platform.

EP 15: Joey Simhon / Everything.Me

Joey Simhon and everything.me built a launcher for Android devices with contextual capabilities. It learns your tendencies, predicts your upcoming needs and arranges itself accordingly, so each time you use your phone you get a new personally customized experience. Quite magical.

EP 14: Yuval Brener / Carambola

Yuval Brener, co-founder and CEO at Carambola, set out to change the way we all experience video clips. Carambola developed a layer of interactive content that overlays the video clip, through which they’re able to deliver a multitude of data and experiences, such as recipes, lyrics, purchase information and many other kinds of promotions.

EP 13: Omri Morgenshtern / Qlika

Omri Morgenshtern is transforming the world of online marketing, as we know it! Together with his two partners, all graduates of the Israeli Army’s top technology unit, they founded Qlika – an automated marketing management platform that aspires to do for online-marketing what Google did to search.


is data analysis bliss. Taking obvious inspiration from The Lean Startup movement and their notions of validated learning, this brilliant analytic tool brings clarity and form to otherwise oceans of uncharted data. The systematic segmentation of data that Mixpanel...

EP 12: Zahi Boussiba / Appsee

While developing an analysis tool for their social shopping application, Zahi and his team found that they were much more excited about developing the analysis tool than the app itself. This is how they came up with Appsee(formerly known as UserVOD) – an app that helps developers learn about their users and cater to their needs better.

EP 11: Omri Shor / MediSafe

If you take medication on a daily basis, you must know the pain of keeping track which pill should be taken and when.
This week we interviewed Omri Shor, co-founder and CEO at MediSafe – A first-of-its-kind cloud-synced mobile medication management application.

EP 10: Olivier Amar / MyPermissions

Can you remember all the apps that you have ever installed on your mobile? Or maybe just the ones that you have used on Facebook?
Surprise! You have (at least) dozens of installed applications, and they all possess access to your personal information. Creepy, isn’t it?
That’s exactly what MyPermissions set out to solve. READ MORE

EP 9: Yaacov M. Martin / Jifiti

One thing we can take with us from the interview with Yaacov M. Martin is how important it is to be willing to learn from everyone. This man seems to be very aware of his surroundings and feels very comfortable about being influenced by it – starting with… READ MORE

EP 8: Rafi Ton / BannerPlay

BannerPlay makes a user friendly targeted internet advertising with analytic capabilities that’s accessible for small businesses as much as large ones.
After selling his last startup in a multi-million dollar deal… READ MORE

EP 6: Jonathan Caras / Glide

Jonathan Caras from Glide takes multimedia messaging to the next level. The Glide application lets you record video messages are streamed from the moment you begin recording, meaning that your friends can choose wether to watch a recorded message or to watch you live as you record. READ MORE

EP 5: Tamar Yaniv / Preen.Me

Self-confessed cosmetic lover Tamar Yaniv has successfully built a business out of her hobby. Preen.Me is a social platform for beauty, popularly known as “Beauty Addicts” on Facebook. It is an entirely… READ MORE


Web hosting services play by the same rule as most other services – the better they serve you, the less you notice they’re there. For those of you having a rough time with your web hosting, or if you were just looking for a decent one, you might want to...

EP 4: Liat Mordechay Hertanu / 24me

While trying to cope with the crazy schedule of raising 3 young children while working and studying, Liat and her husband Gilad were looking for a way to make their life easier… READ MORE


If you are using Gmail, you might fall in love with this amazing add-on like I did. It’s called “Boomerang” and it gives boomerang superpowers to your mailbox! Its first feature is called “Send email later” –  as the name implies, you can now...

EP 3: Eran Ben Shushan / Bizzabo

Anyone knows that mingling is a key part of business social events and conventions and for a good reason too, but approaching that large hall full of anonymous people make us feel disoriented, and finding the right person in the crowd often becomes a frustrating chore.
Well, these days are OVER… READ MORE


One of the most important things you need to have when starting a startup company, is tools to run it efficiently. Of course you can’t find a tool to replace your motivation, your determination and your team members, and yet using the right tools may save a lot of...

EP 2: Yoav Schwartz / WhoDoYou

Yoav and his team are working on a solution for an ancient problem – how to find a trusted service provider. They offer several solutions for getting recommendations for a trusted local business providers. Yoav says that… READ MORE

EP 1: Lev Kerzhner / My Green Buddy

My Green Buddy is the way Lev Kerzhner and co-founders wants to change the world of home gardening. Their mission – to create an ultra accurate way to grow your plant without killing it. They do this via using information from the surroundings of the plant, information they receive from the app they developed. The idea is simple – you use the app… READ MORE

Startup Camel – Podcast as a Startup

Hi Everyone, This is the first post on this blog, and it’s all about the making of Startup Camel. We have decided to manage this podcast as a start up company, and the best part of it is that we’re going to share the entire process with you through this blog. We have...

Startup Camel Podcast

Podcasting from the heart of the Israeli startup scene

Startup Camel podcast reveals the inside stories behind today’s emerging Israeli startups.