BoomerangIf you are using Gmail, you might fall in love with this amazing add-on like I did. It’s called “Boomerang” and it gives boomerang superpowers to your mailbox!

Its first feature is called “Send email later” –  as the name implies, you can now set an email to be sent at a desired time.

Boomerang‘s second feature is called “Return to inbox”, which helps you remember to come back to an unread message at a later time.

Before Boomerang you had to mark such emails as “unread”, and hopefully they wouldn’t dissolve in your inbox traffic and you’ll remember to read them later.

With Boomerang, one click on “Return conversation to inbox” and all you have left to do is choose the right time – “return conversation to inbox in two hours” for instance, and you’ll have the same email message returned unread and to the top of your inbox at exactly the right time.

The third great feature gives you a time bound reminder if no one replies to an email. That way you can keep track of pending responses.

In conclusion, using Boomerang really feels like breaking the email laws of physics. After using it for a while I now wonder how I managed without it.

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