Top 5 insights in this episode

  • The first step of creating a successful startup
  • How to use online comments to save a ton on your marketing budget
  • Getting your customers to spread the word for you
  • The biggest mistake you can make as an entrepreneur
  • How contests can double your traffic

About Daniel Zaturansky

Daniel Zaturansky is the COO and co-founder of PowToon.

After years of work for other companies, he decided to use his skills, together with his co-founder Ilya Spitalnik – a marketing guru, to create a product that changed the marketing world forever.



His low-budget guerrilla marketing hacks helped the newly founded PowToon gain hundreds of leads with zero budget, and launch a product that is used by millions of both small businesses and mega-corporations.

Tune in to our conversation above where he reveals some of his best proven growth techniques.

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About PowToon

PowToon offer a designer in a box, with no human rights violations.

In fact, the startup is helping more than 5M worldwide users create gorgeous DIY animations without any special training.

In a nutshell, PowToon offer a simple yet deep animation/effect database that can be used to add a WOW factor to PPT’s, videos and educational materials.


One of the most impressive things about the tech is how it managed to capture users from so many different industries.

PowToon is regularly used by startups, students, teachers, small business owners and Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks!

If that’s not the true sign of an amazing product that solves do many pain points, we don’t know what is.

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  2. “Great by Choice”, a must have book for self-made people
  3. Toodoist, the productivity tool that Daniel uses
  4. CoolaData, Daniel’s Israeli startup to look out for

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