The mobile games industry is a growing market, but it has a fundamental problem – only a small portion of the users is actually interested in paying for them. Many of them are so used to getting games for free, that making money in this industry has become a major challenge for developers. However, there are some who tend to spend a lot of money on mobile games. In the industry they are referred to as “whales” and just like in the 18 hundreds, those who wish to succeed in this world should get the right spear.

Soomla is helping companies and developers in this market succeed, by allowing them to share data about those whales and their behavior. Sharing this information helps those companies locate those players and make offers to attract them to the game. This is what the people of Soomla are referring to as God Mode Analytics. This is all possible because of the analytics platform developed by the company which enables its users to track their performance while at the same time allows them to collaborate with other developers in tracking paying users.

Yaniv Nizan is the co founder which we talked to in this episode of Startup Camel. Yaniv has a vast experience in the tech industry and he already built 2 successful companies before: EyeView and IntentClick.

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