Shmulik Grizim and his company Webydo are going to break another wall for non developers: they built a SaaS tool, which allows designers and web design professionals to build an awesome website without having to write any code in the process.

Shmulik has vast experience in this field, as prior to starting Webydo, along with his cofounder Tzvika Steinmetz, he built and sold two previous companies in the web design world. Shmulik believes that working with designers for so many years has made it easier for him to understand the problems designers face, and how to solve them. Since designers hate being totally dependent on the developers in order to do their work, they crave a solution which will unshackle them from the chains of coding.

Webydo’s story is also very interesting since it’s different from many companies we’ve met so for on our show. Their team has been working on the software engine for two years before finalizing a product which they could actually share with someone. This is very interesting because most Israeli companies we met were very focused on “getting something out there as soon as possible”. Shmulik’s explanation for this is that since he has such a detailed knowledge of the market he’s working in, he knew what the solution should be and how to design it.

Webydo is now growing and is looking for sales people, web developers and a UX expert, so go ahead and send your resumes to

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