Arnon Zamir, who is going to be one of the speakers next week in the Tel Aviv TedX event, is also leading Tom – a project which is all about using the power of 3D printing for the sake of a better world.


Arnon has been programming from a very young age, and he likes to think about the way things work and operate. He spent 10 years of his life working for tech companies as a developer, and even ran a business of his own. However, he always felt he is not using his talent for making a better world for everyone, and that the impact of his actions is way too small… So, he started this fantastic project called Tom.


Tom is a Hackathon of 72 hours, in which the participants are divided into designated teams in order to build 3D printed solutions for people with disabilities and special needs. The name Tom, by the way, stands for “Fixing the world” which roughly translates to “Makers of a better world”.
Tom is growing rapidly, achieving much support from companies around the world. It even got to join them in making this possible and getting resources from Google for the benefit of some of the events.

If you happen to be in Israel in the next few days, Arnon will be speaking at the TedX event on October 12th, 2015 and that’s one Ted talk you don’t want to miss.

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