Eden Shochat interview

Top 5 insights in this episode

  • How being different beats being better
  • Why you shouldn’t go looking for mentors
  • Traits VC’s tend to look for in an investment
  • Out-of-the-box hacks to get VC’s to notice you
  • What NOT to do if you want to get funded

About Eden Shochat

Eden Shochat’s Linkedin profile describes his official position as “finder of needles in haystack” at the Aleph VC, but that’s just him being extremely modest. The truth is, Eden is one of the most renowned and successful entrepreneurs/investors in Israel.

Eden Shochat Aleph

As an entrepreneur, Shochat was the driving force behind Aternity, which now has over 150 employees and has raised over $25M. In addition, Shochat helped create Face.com, which sold to another small start-up called Facebook for $55M in 2012.

He also formed Israel’s first ever accelerator for early stage stat-ups called The Junction, and is a faculty member of the prestigious Zell entrepreneurship program at the IDC. There, he helped the country’s brightest startups like like PicScout (now GettyImages) and Gifts Project (now eBay) get their start and help guide them to success.
His work at Aleph allows him to actually invest in the most disruptive promising startups he believes in, so make sure to listen to our interview to learn know how to grab his attention.

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About Aleph

One of the largest VC funds in Israel, Aleph is a Tel Aviv based venture capital fund focused on finding and scaling game-changing companies out of Israel. The firm has quickly become one of Israel’s most influential VC’s and specializes in Series A investments that over time continuously helps Israeli entrepreneurs build very large-scale global businesses out of Israel.

Aleph on Startup Camel

Among the firm’s portfolio companies are:

5 useful links mentioned in this episode

  1. Aleph’s homepage
  2. Getting things done, Eden’s secret for being productive
  3. Aternity, one of Eden’s previous startups
  4. The Junction, the startup accelerator Eden created
  5. The IDC Zell program where Eden teaches

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