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Top 5 insights in this episode

  • How Oktopost found a void in the current social media market 02:32
  • Why marketing and sales are getting closer to one another than ever before 08:17
  • How necessity is the mother of entrepreneurship 09:18
  • The “one KPI” rule you should follow 14:40
  • Why constant measurement can save your startup 24:50

About Daniel Kushner

For Daniel Kushner, Oktopost’s CEO and co-founder, necessity was truly the mother of invention. After moving to NYC with his wife and not finding the perfect job, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He used his vast techy background to start the first PHP user group, which brought the Israeli programming language to American shores (Note: Although PHP was created by the Greenlandic Rasmus Lerdorf, Israeli Startup Zend, which Kushner worked in, was the one that evolved it to its current form).

Soon enough, giants like Google started sending employees his way for PHP training, simply because Daniel managed to fill a void no one else filled in the American software market. It was that unique ability to identify voids, along with his superior tech skills, that brought upon the birth of Oktopost.

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About Oktopost

Fill a room with B2B marketers and ask them to raise their hands if they are actively posting on social media. Chances are, all hands will be raised. Now, ask them if they completely know and understand the ROI those social media posts are bringing to their business, and watch those hands drop.

Enter Oktopost, the first social media managing tool designed specifically for B2B marketers. It enables B2B users to focus on what matters to them: quality social lead generation, as opposed to the “brand awareness” that B2C marketers are usually concerned with.

Social media conversions


By constantly measuring the clicks and conversions that social posts produce, a built-in integration with popular third party platforms like SalesForce, and providing a powerful scheduling tool for all social channels, Oktopost is the go to destination for B2B marketers seeking to truly harness the power of social media. Just ask Toshiba, Panasonic and Nice, since they’re already using it.

Oktopost team


4 things you can use that were mentioned in this episode

  1. Get a job at Oktopost 
  2. Fake it till you make it, an amazing TED lecture you should watch before your next presentation 
  3. Daniel’s “bible”, the SaaStr blog 
  4. Get inspired by the great insights of Avishai from Imonomy, also mentioned in this episode 


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