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What you will learn in this episode

  • Choosing co-founders who are BETTER than you 10:11
  • The secret key to productive team communication 18:20
  • Growing company culture by empowering flag-carriers 21:01
  • How to increase the chances of an early investment 28:01
  • The Camel Race 34:05

About Ron Gura

With a history of selling his startup “The Gifts Project” to eBay less than two years after graduating from college, and serving as eBay’s Head of Israel Innovation Center, Ron is already one of Israel’s prominent entrepreneurs. He holds deep insights both on building a successful startup from the ground up, and on overseeing and producing innovation in a true corporate setting. Currently, Ron serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at Aleph VC, where he works closely with the entrepreneurial community in Israel and helps scaling the fund’s portfolio companies.
Ron focuses on e-commerce, peer-to-peer communications, marketplaces, consumer internet, Internet of Things, big-data and Payments. He is a proud graduate of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at the IDC college.

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Ron Gura (AL), Idan Hershko (SC)

Ron Gura (AL), Idan Hershko (SC)

About Aleph

Aleph is a Tel Aviv based venture capital fund focused on finding and scaling game-changing companies out of Israel. The firm specializes in Series A investments that over time continuously helps Israeli entrepreneurs build very large global businesses from Israel.
Among the firm’s portfolio companies are:

  • Windward – which analyzes and organizes the world’s maritime data
  • Yevvo (Air) – which develops a live broadcasting platform for mobile users
  • Colu – which develops a platform for secured transfers of Colored Coins (e.g. Bitcoin)

Resources and Links

  1. Aleph’s official website
  2. The Gifts Project
  3. Captio – a great app to send yourself emails with one tap. You will never forget anything after this! (recommended tool by Ron)

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