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The Art of Venture Capital: How Smart Venture Capital Firms Help Building Tomorrow’s Category Leaders

While it is no secret that building a startup is a high-risk venture, a recent study published by The Marker business newspaper in Israel reveals that 83% of those startups that do succeed – are supported heavily by outside funding. These data stress the vital role that venture capital funds play in the startup ecosystem and in fostering innovation.

For the first time on Startup Camel Podcast, this week’s special episode dives deep into the topic of venture capital. It is a must-listen for any entrepreneur, technologist and anyone fascinated with the phenomenon of the Israeli startup ecosystem. We hope you enjoy it, and we’re sure you’ll learn from it.

About Dr. David Israeli

A rising star in the Israeli venture capital industry with both an impressive and unique background, David Israeli is a Partner at Pitango – Israel’s largest venture capital fund. His investment focus is Life Sciences, specifically medical devices, mobile health and health IT, and biopharmaceuticals.

David is a certified medical doctor and a graduate of Harvard Business School. In the years following his graduation he has acquired vast experience and knowledge in medical innovation, filling business management roles at leading med-tech companies, including Medtronic, Inc. and Rhythmia Medical – a medical device company engaged in the development of an advanced 3D mapping system of the heart’s electrical activity.

Just prior to joining Pitango, David was the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Medtronic Ventor Technologies in Israel.

David currently serves on the Board of Directors of Magenta Medical (as chairman), VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, and APOS Therapy (as observer).

About Pitango Venture Capital

Pitango’s mission is to partner with great entrepreneurs to build companies and drive them forward – from infancy stage into category leaders. Founded in 1993 in Israel, Pitango Veture Cepital Fund focuses on all areas of innovation and high-technology, and has over $1.6 billion under management and investments in over 180 companies.

The firm combines deep specialty in IT (including enterprise software, semiconductors, mobile and internet), and in Life Sciences (medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT and biopharmaceuticals).

Pitango invests in seed, expansion and late stage companies in core technologies, consumer, and Life Sciences.

Idan Hershko (SC), Itamar Zur (SC), David Israeli (PT)

Idan Hershko (SC), Itamar Zur (SC), David Israeli (PT)

What you will learn in this interview

  • How venture capital funds incredibly impact startup companies 07:10
  • Choose your investors as long-term partners 09:32
  • Invest first and foremost in people, the rest comes second 12:58
  • Verifying the market need early-on in the startup life 14:37
  • The Lean Startup misconception about Life Sciences companies 16:00
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of pitching to an investor 20:24
  • Why entrepreneurs MUST master Storytelling 22:27
  • The most important qualities every entrepreneur must posses 24:49
  • The vision for Pitango 27:46
  • The Camel Race 31:20

Resources and Links mentioned

  1. Pitnago’s Official Website
  2. Medical Device Daily – A daily-read recommended by David, brings together the key business news in the area
  3. The Pillars of the Earth – A recommended book by David

Israeli startups Mentioned in this Episode

  1. Magenta Medical – A Pitango Portfolio Company, develops an innovative device for the treatment of Congestive Heart Failure
  2. VisionCare – A Pitnago Portfolio Company, develops an implantable telescope to treat Macular degeneration
  3. Apos Therapy – A Pitnago Portfolio Company, offers personalized, non-surgical and drug-free treatment for orthopaedic conditions

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