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imonomy – Building Marketing Strategy From the Ground Up


About Avishai

One of the rising names in the Israeli online marketing industry, Avishai Sam Bitton is a self-made marketer and today CMO of fast-growing Israeli startup imonomy. His insights on what makes a powerful marketing strategy are a must-listen for any aspiring entrepreneur, and the story of how he found his first position in a startup is no less than inspiring!

Idan Hershko (SC), Avishai Sam Bitton (IM)

Idan Hershko (SC), Avishai Sam Bitton (IM)

About imonomy – Where Images and Offers Connect

imonomy offers online publishers a unique way to generate more revenue from their content by implementing in-image advertising. The company’s technology scans the text from the publishers’ web pages and automatically matches relevant content with visually engaging in-image campaigns. All in a non-intrusive, user-friendly way. In-Image Advertising allows both the advertiser and the publisher to benefit, while the user enjoys a more customized and interactive experience while reading content online.

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What you will learn in this interview

  • How in-image advertising helps online publishers generate revenue in a user-friendly way 02:06
  • Why you should start thinking differently to find your dream job 04:32
  • Using a consistent & clear message to build your startup’s story 11:50
  • Building marketing strategy from the ground up 14:36
  • Choosing the right marketing channels 16:37
  • The most common marketing mistakes you must refrain from 24:45
  • The vision for imonomy and in-image advertising 28:30
  • The Camel Race 29:54

Resources and Links mentioned

  1. imonomy’s official website
  2. Quora – A marketing tool, recommended by Avishai
  3. The Everything Store – A book about the story of amazon.com, and its founder Jeff Bezos, recommended by Startup Camel
  4. Oktopost – A powerful platform for social media marketing management, recommended by Avishai
  5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – A must-read book for any entrepreneur

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