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Glide Into the Future of Instant Messaging

Glide app iconJonathan Caras from Glide takes multimedia messaging to the next level. The Glide application lets you record video messages that are streamed from the moment you begin recording, meaning that your friends can choose whether to watch a recorded message or to watch you live as you record.

Jonathan got the Idea for Glide when he and his wife moved from Maryland, USA, to Israel. While living in Israel they wanted to speak with their families and friends in the US, but the big time difference gave them hard time scheduling the calls. So Jonathan decided to face this problem, together with co-founders Ari Roisman and Adam Korbl, and so far Glide has over 6,000,000 registered users that enjoy conversing with their friends and family with ease.

Jonathan Caras

Jonathan Caras / Co-Founder, CTO at Glide

Ari Roisman

Ari Roisman / Co-Founder, CEO at Glide

Adam Korbl

Adam Korbl / Co-Founder, CEO at Glide

Jonathan recommended a book by Guy Kawasaki called The Art of The Start and said that Guy’s work had a lot of influence on his start up journey.

The main thing Jonathan said he thinks he should have done differently, was to ask a lot of questions about the need rather than base his business on assumptions, and learn as much as possible before getting to the development phase. This is a good point to for anyone who thinks about solving a problem – check out first if it really exists and learn from your audience about it.

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