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Any.DO – Get things done like a pro

Tired of building old school to-do lists that hardly increase your productivity? Omer Perchik, co-founder and CEO of Israeli startup Any.DO, has the solution for you.

Any.DO is a suite of integrated mobile (and now Web) productivity apps that are entirely focused on helping you achieve more from your day-to-day life. Currently consisting of a task management app and a calendar app (Cal), the company is expecting to extend its portfolio with some new apps that are already in the pipeline. With a strong focus on product design and understanding of how us humans operate on time and task management, the company already serves 12 million users worldwide. And the best part? It’s growing organically, without a single dollar spent on marketing!

But Any.DO is not just another productivity app. As many of us know, simply putting thoughts on paper (or mobile) is by no means a guarantee for getting things done. And that’s exactly why the vision of Any.DO is what makes this productivity app different:
“Our vision is to become the connecting tissue between people’s everyday lives and the world around them” says Perchik in an interview for Startup Camel. “Most people use a calendar, to-do lists or notes to manage their everyday lives, but these are only places where you put information. We want to make this information valuable and actionable. As an example, if you write down a to-do list and you want to buy groceries, we want to connect you with whatever relevant service around you, to help you get that task done”.

And with a growing market of on-demand service where everything is a button, there seems to be a great potential for Any.DO to be the new type of productivity sweep for mobile.


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