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Bringg – Because Customers Love Tracking Their Deliveries

Lior Sion / Co-Founder, CTO at Bringg

Lior Sion / Co-Founder, CTO at Bringg

Bringg is an Israeli startup, which sets to revolutionize the way we get service from companies. It’s also a great example of how entrepreneurship is a perpetual process of evolution, where everybody can learn from everybody.

Back in 2010, Uber made a huge impact as it completely changed the on demand transportation market with its black car service. The company based its service on a mobile app, which was user-friendly and fun to use. One of the most outstanding features in that mobile app, was that it allowed users to learn about the location of the service provider while waiting for him. This made customers feel like they are no longer waiting in the dark, as they use to in the days before Uber.

Raanan Cohen / Co-Founder, CEO at Bringg

Raanan Cohen / Co-Founder, CEO at Bringg

Simultaneously, Lior worked as the CTO of GetTaxi, an Israeli competitor of Uber, after a long career as an entrepreneur and also an R&D manager at IBM. While working at GetTaxi, Lior found that Taxi drivers are not the only service providers customers find themselves waiting for. He noticed this on several occasions – ordering pizza at work, waiting on the cable guy to show up and when his mother had to call a tow truck after she had a car crush. Another thing he noticed was that many businesses tried to provide something similar to what was done in Uber and in Gettaxi, but failed. The reason for that was probably because developing apps was not their core business, or in other words, they had no idea about building apps that actually turn customers happy.

At this point Lior decided that this issue needs a solution and that he is the right man for the job. Armed with the knowledge he accumulated in GetTaxi, along with his running mate Raanan Cohen, he started building a SAAS solution for businesses, to enable them to show customers the process of the order and the location of the service provider.

​Lior gave the following advice to first time entrepreneurs out there; always follow the footsteps of others. Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve, someone must have done something similar in the past.

​Bringg is very focused about company values. For the founders, those values are extremely important. They keep a healthy diet and order vegetable and fruits to the office daily, encourage employees to go to the gym (which is subsidized by the company) and they don’t have an espresso machine (because they want a working people mentality).

If you hire the right people and give them the space, good things happen, but you really have to let go.


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