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Zooz – Smart Payment Platform For Enterprise Retailers

Some people are simply born to build companies that change the world. But you don’t have to be a ‘lemonade stand kid’ to become a successful entrepreneur. Ask Oren Levy, co-founder and CEO of Zooz, who left behind a remarkable 15 year career of sales/marketing/bizdev to open his first company in exchange for an exciting new journey as the owner of his own venture!

Oren Levy / Co-Founder, CEO at Zooz

Oren Levy / Co-Founder, CEO at Zooz

“We simply wanted to change the world of payments” says Levy. From his beautiful, newly rented offices in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, and with 12M dollars raised in Round 2 funding only 3 months ago, this vision begins to seem more and more realistic.

Zooz is a payments platform that provides enterprise retailers with the means to have their existing payment providers – i.e credit card companies, e-wallets etc – everything consolidated into a single platform with monitoring redundancy and optimization. What started out as an app that was intended for use at the point of sell at cafes and restaurants, quickly evolved into a company that provides an holistic solution consolidating all payment processes, offline and online, into one simple platform – making payment integration easier for websites, retailers and web developers.


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