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Giraffic – Outsmart Internet Bandwidth Limitations

Yoel Zanger is the founder of Giraffic, a promising Israeli startup company which is pushing the envelope of online video streaming. Since the Http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) was invented to enable sending and receiving information in 1991, a lot has changed.

Yoel Zanger / Co-Founder, CEO at Giraffic

Yoel Zanger / Co-Founder, CEO at Giraffic

The files are getting bigger and bigger, and the same protocol, which was used to transfer relatively small pieces of information, is now required to handle heavier traffic. One great example for this would be the increasing demand for high definition (HD) online streaming videos. Even though most of the technologies that are in use in the world wide web are constantly evolving, the method that we use to stream heavy HD videos, so far, is that each individual gradually downloads the entire video file in order to watch it, a system that Yoel refers to as “an elephant in a china store”. The adaptive video acceleration which Giraffic provides, is a complementary solution for the existing technology, working exclusively on the client side and chopping files into small fragments which increase performances on video devices.
Giraffic had an impressive achievement recently when Samsung, the international leader in smart TVs, decided to embed Giraffic’s technology into their new line of smart TVs.

Yoal descibes his journey to becoming an entrepreneur, from building his first venture at a very young age to giving up a highly remunerative job at Israeli hi-tech companies, in order to start his own company. In this tete-a-tete, Joel has some very interesting advice for young entrepreneurs. He walks us through the process of raising capital for his company and his perspective on building the right team.


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