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Trench – Trading Fashion In Virtual Diamonds

Trench, a fashion economy platform, is a new startup which focuses on a problem many women experience every day: they have lots of clothes, but still can’t find anything to wear.

Adi Shemesh, Founder and CEO of the company, got the idea out of a personal necessity. As a “Fashionista” herself, she was always on the look out for new cool outfits and accessories. Materializing this desire involved loosening her purse strings on a regular basis. After using the new item a few times, it would go sit in a pile of old stuff.

Adi Shemesh

Adi Shemesh

Adi got curious about what other women did with their precious purchases once their novelty wore off. She discovered that most women would stack them up in the hope of using them in the future, which eventually never happens.

So, addressing this issue, she created a platform on which women could use a designated currency referred to as “diamonds” for trading clothes with other women. This makes women feel that they can find a purpose for that old expensive dress – replacing it with another item, while avoiding the guilt associated with purchasing new items.

Trench is now still in its Beta phase, but already showing very promising results. While at first women were hesitating to publish or buy items, the trend really caught on once a lot of women started trading their personal clothes online. For Adi the biggest upside of building her own platform, is that it has become not just her profession, but also a lifestyle.


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