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SkyGiraffe – The Full Stack Enterprise Mobility Platform

SkyGiraffe is a platform that enables an enterprise to provide read and write access to the backend systems for employees.
It bypasses multiple legacy management systems that can be found in many large organizations (as MS SQL, ORACLE, MySQL and so on), and controls selected components in their backend systems through a single modern and well designed UI. Moreover, it’s made to be used with comfort on a mobile device.
Another great aspect of SkyGiraffe is that once you have access to your backend systems, its implementation requires writing no code whatsoever!

The name SkyGiraffe basically means the ability to see all the enterprise systems (from the sky) – feel free to listen to Boaz share the short story behind it in the interview.

phone-portraiteBoaz says that when he recruits developers, one of the most significant properties he’s looking for in his candidates is whether they have built stuff in their life or not. It also matters whether they studied or not to a certain extent, but if they managed to build something meaningful or solve some kind of a problem implies that they want it bad enough. Moreover, it implies about a certain type of attitude or personality – the example that Boaz gives is that “…when you arrive at the company, and we tell you ‘Hey, today we’re gonna build an app that does something because we wanna show it tomorrow’ you reply ‘Okay, let’s just get it done’ versus ‘no no no… I need three weeks because I need to get my head around it’, and that’s a personality type.”.
Boaz has a lot of gratitude for his team. He appreciates people like his team, who chose to go and invest their time in a company that don’t provide the best terms and try to accomplish something that goes against the odds, and says that it’s something one shouldn’t take for granted.

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