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TrenDemon – Boost Revenue & Engaged Traffic

Avishai Sharon, co-founder and CEO at Trendemon, which helps websites generate traffic by making better use of their content.

The way it works – TrenDemon is all about understanding which pages and content provide higher conversion rates than others, and driving traffic into those pages. This way you can be sure that the content you spent so much time and money creating, is exposed to users on the best way possible. By following the path of many visitors on the website, TrenDemon can find the “Path to success” – meaning consecutive pages which are most likely to generate a sale eventually. This can dramatically increase sales or any other desired call for action, sometimes by even 300%. Another thing TrenDemon does is offering users to share at the right moment, what can increase the chances they will share the content with their friends.

Avishai started developing in middle school and later on learnt about web technologies when he was in high school. After an army service in the Israeli Air Force and a year in law school, he realized what he really wants to do is to build things and so he went back to the world of coding. He met his team members as a student, and together they decided to start their own company.

Though they were willing to build something, they had no clear idea what exactly it would be. So they announced a national challenge to find the ugliest website on the Internet, and the winner (owner of that ugly website) gets his website completely redesigned by Avishai and his team, for free of course. Once started, Avishai’s brother – a successful Hip Hop artist, amplified the publication of the challenge by sharing it with his audience, and before too long the competition went viral. They understood that there was something special about the way this idea spread. This led them to think of a “Social amplification unit” which helped websites understand what is most likely to be shared by the visitors and later turned into the concept of understanding visitors by following their journey throughout the website.

Nadav Matz | Lena Brenner | Avishai Sharon

Nadav Matz | Lena Brenner | Avishai Sharon

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