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Gigya – Connected Consumer Management Suite

Profile - Rooly_smRooly Eliezerov Gave up 5 years of architectural education to join a startup Called “Hotbar”, which was a small startup back in 1999. He said that this was not a difficult decision for him, since in his core he found himself helplessly drawn to a new world that rapidly unveiled itself during the 90’s – the internet.

After “Hotbar“ was sold to Zango Inc in 2006, one of the cofounders became Rooly’s partner in creating Gigya. The idea came when they noticed the fast growth in the world of social networks, which were not only gaining a lot of traffic but also fuelled the creation of many websites which fed off of those social networks. They realized that many websites would want to enable users to login using their accounts from those social networks, so the first service they offered was a really quick way to do this (a similar thing to what we now call “Facebook Connect”). They have managed to turn this from a five clicks process into just one click, what gave them the initial lead in the market and brought the first customers.

Today, Gigya is currently focused on consumer identity management, providing a platform to manage all the information about users of social networks in one place. It has over 700 large customers from Microsoft and Dell to Fox and CBS. So far the company raised almost $50M and has 300 employees. Its Headquarters are in Mountain View, California, the R&D center is in Israel and it has offices in London, Paris, Singapore and Australia.


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