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Roojoom – The ultimate web presentation tool

Rami Ricanati had been working for 8 years in one of the largest gaming companies in the world, 888 Holdings, when he felt he had enough. He wanted to start something new and although he liked his job, he felt he wanted to build something on his own.

Rami Ricanati / Co-Founder, CPO at Roojoom

Rami Ricanati / Co-Founder, CPO at Roojoom

Then, when the opportunity knocked on his door, he just couldn’t say no.
One of his friends (later a co-founder at Roojoom), told him about an idea he had, to build a platform that concentrates information from many websites on the web, to make it easier on users to put many different content pieces in one place without sending them to travel all across the internet when they want to find a relevant information. This sounded interesting to Rami, and he decided to dive deeper into the subject. He found out that there is a real problem here. Apparently, there is way to much information around us then we are able to process, and also that many existing companies already try to do just that. This issue is more important then it initially seems. Helping users focus on the content you want them to focus on can dramatically increase their engagement with content, whether it’s a political campaign, a marketing effort or any other kind of information a content provider is trying to deliver to his audience.

Yuval Shemesh / Co-Founder, CEO at Roojoom

Yuval Shemesh / Co-Founder, CEO at Roojoom

Once a user is directed to another site on the web he is bound to lose focus and that is bad for both sides.

So, Rami and his cofounders decided to build a platform which will solve this problem by allowing content creators or content managers to deliver all their content while making sure visitors seamlessly navigate through it, do not drift away to other sites, and keeping them focused on what they where initially searching for.

Currently, Roojoom has raised $600K from investors and is growing itself rapidly.


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