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Otonomic – From a Facebook page to a Website in just one click

Several years ago, enthusiastic Omri Allouche was contemplating about how he can turn ideas that he had in mind into businesses. Meanwhile, he noticed that his cousin started occasionally posting on Facebook pictures of good looking marzipan cakes she was making. This was her way to show the world that she started a new business.otonomic-default--black-red Omri thought that it might be interesting to talk to her about the way she intends to use the social media and the Internet to promote her new venture.

So he asked her how is she plans to promote her new business online and was surprised to find out that she had absolutely no idea. He suggested that having a website is essential and offered to build it for her. Based on his long experience as a developer, he believed it should be quick and easy to build a simple website. He was surprised to find that whether writing code from scratch or using an online website builder, like WordPress and Wix, it requires hours of work. He also found out that many people that are not computer savvy had no idea how to use these relatively simple site building tools.

So Omri decided to build his own SaaS product that will solve this problem by completely automating the entire website building process. He indicated that one of the main problems users face when approaching to use a site builder, was that they were overwhelmed by the amount of options they were presented to, so he decided to create a super-simple solution that will let anyone turn their Facebook page into a website.

On our conversation Omri explained that this is the way he believes products should be developed – simple and self-explanatory. Looking at the latest developments on the global map concerning technology, it seems like he is right. If several years ago products were measured by the amount of features and customization options they offered – today the key value is simplicity and focus. In times when users are distracted so easily having so many stimulations around them, the solution you provide must be clear enough to grab their attention in just a few seconds, and preferably even solve their problem in a similar period of time.

The team

The team


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