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Telesofia – Personalized medical videos

This story is about perseverance and the determination of one man to turn his ideas into a reality. In 2004, Rami Cohen, a physician and one of the first employees of Mirabilis (commonly known as ICQ) noticed the alarming problem of non-adherence in the world of medicine.Telesofia Logo As patients were released from the hospital, they were given a treatment, which in many cases they did not follow correctly. This often ended up causing them considerable damage, and sometimes even worse.
As a physician, especially as a surgeon, he felt how problematic that situation was, as many times he had to postpone an operation since the patient was not ready due to non-adherence. After studying the issue for a while, Rami arrived to a clear understanding of what was the source of the problem. It was not the patients, as he initially thought. Actually, the patients were really interested in getting better and following the treatment, but the circumstances gave them no chance in succeeding in doing so. Since most patients get the instruction for how to take the medication right after being notified about the diagnosis, they are often under a lot of emotional stress and sometimes a lot of pain too. On top of that, medical instructions are often times written in a professional language, which in many cases is difficult to comprehend. As a result, many of them give up on the treatment after a very short time.

Medication instructions out – personalized videos in

After coming to this realization, Rami decided to take on himself the challenge of solving it. Unfortunately, the technology he needed in order to build the solution he wanted was not yet available at a reasonable price. He waited until 2008, when the technology was available and then he started to work on it as a side project. Again, this venture was not successful. The reason for this was according to Rami, is that he was not fully involved in the project and invested only a small portion of his time in it.Telesofia - Mobile Device
Eventually, in 2011, Rami has decided that if he wants this to actually work, he needs to devote himself completely to it. And that’s what he did.
Today, his company Telesofia Medical is offering a solution for the non-adherence issue – it produces within just one second a personalized video which explains to the patient what they need to do with their medicine, in a manner that’s clear and easy to understand. The main challenge was to customize the video to the patient. It is necessary because every patient is a little different, as prescribing a medication to a pregnant woman is different than to an 80 year old man. The System of Telesofia Medical automatically adjusts the video to fit the person who is watching, and even lets you watch videos that would match someone with similar attributes as yourself.

Telesofia Medical is located on Basel Street in Tel Aviv in Israel, and is currently hiring.



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