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JamStar – The game that will teach you how to play the guitar

Kobi Stock is a rocker, a father, and the founder and CEO of Livetune – the company behind JamStar.

While playing Guitar Hero with his friends, Kobi made a decision that changed his life.
Playing a real guitar could be much more satisfying, he thought, than this plastic guitar. And all this practice time could develop real guitar-playing skills. So he took on the challenge.Jamstar_logo_withDR

Much to the surprise of his boss in SAP, just a week after having this idea, Kobi left his comfortable and lucrative position to an adventure that could transform the way people are learning how to play musical instruments.

The idea behind JamStar, the application Kobi and his team at Livetune built, was that you actually use the same basic game mechanics that you can see on Guitar Hero to teach music. Just like on Guitar Hero, the player chooses a song to his liking, and then responses to the notes streaming in his direction. Only this time, he can use an actual guitar and learn how to play the song for real.
According to Kobi, this suits most guitar players, since the majority of them are not taking lessons anyway, they learn most of what they know via video clips online. Still, he thinks that the software cannot replace the things you can learn from teachers.

Kobi is a musician, and he believes that building a band, arranging gigs and even making money out of it were the first steps in his journey to entrepreneurship. An interesting comment he made in this respect was that he sees artists as leaders; they pave the way for the rest of us.
His passion in life is to constantly build things that will influence the lives of others and that’s why he chose to go on his venture, instead of staying in the protective and safe environment as a software engineer in SAP.

Jamstar Team

JamStar Team


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