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Qmerce – Loyalty, engagement & sales under one roof

​​​Moti is an entrepreneur from an early age. He started his first venture when he was only 16 years old, by forming a “comedy club” in his hometown in Israel.
As many other Israeli entrepreneurs, he gained a lot of his skills while he was serving in the Israeli intelligence core. Later, he developed several products for “Psagot”, the biggest investment bank in Israel, where he learned about Algorithms for big data analysis and created the network that later on made it easier for him to raise the first round for Qmerce.

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Qmerce is a platform that helps publishers increase the engagement of their audience, by offering to interact with the content through activities that relate to it, and get rewarded. For instance, the visitor might be requested to answer a survey or a riddle about an article, and then would be granted some Qmerce currency for participating.

This naturally provides value for the publishers, who this way increase their visitors’ engagement with their content, and also for the readers, who can get discounts in exchange to the currency they had been rewarded. Another interested party here is the companies which provide the benefits. Those companies can gain new customers, since once a reader got a reward in the form of a discount for a product, it raises the chance he will use that benefit and purchase the product.
So far Qmerce has raised over $1.5M. Moti said that one of the biggest challenges for him was to change the direction of the company that already gained momentum, after he realized that the original idea’s implementation was too complicated for the customers.
Moti is inspired by people who aim to change the world, regardless of their field of interest. It can be music just as much as physics or entrepreneurship.

Qmerce Team

Qmerce Team


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