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Project Ray – Smartphone for blind & visually impaired

Boaz Zilberman, one of the pioneers of voice over IP technology in Israel, decided to bring smartphones to the fingertips of a new target audience – the visually impaired.

LogoHe has opened the gates to a plethora of opportunities by catering to blind people. He came up with the idea for Project Ray after he was approached by several people from the blind community, to modify the product that his previous company Fring offered.

Project Ray created an eye free interface which can enhance the lives of visually impaired people, by enabling them to access smartphones and other touch sensitive technology.

Boaz has a vast background as an entrepreneur. After spending 10 years at Intel as part of the sales division, he was one of the first people to work in the ground breaking field of VOIP. He has a Masters degree in computer science along with one in photography, which gave him a unique perspective of looking at the world and changed his definition of sight.

Project-Ray phoneIn order to survive in the dynamic market, he believes that it is extremely important to communicate with your users, and learn about the value that your product brings to them.

Project Ray is supported by Israel’s chief scientist, located in Yoqne’am in Israel. It is currently at the initial stages of selling its hardware and technology in the American and European markets.

Listen to this great episode about how this visionary has successfully created a bridge between visually impaired people and touch screen technology.

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