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Panoramic Power – Enterprise Energy Management Solutions

Adi Shamir / Co-Founder, COO at Panoramic Power

Adi Shamir / Co-Founder, COO at Panoramic Power

Yaniv is the CEO of Panoramic Power – which is trying to change the world of energy consumption data.

They provide device level energy management, or if you want to put it in simpler words, they bring data about energy consumption directly from the appliances, making it easier for their customers to make educated decisions regarding the way they manage their energy consumption.

Their secret sauce is a combination between innovative hardware – sensors which are totally self sufficient and software which enables them to offer their service as a SAAS (software as a service).  

Panoramic power was founded by Adi Shamir and David Almagor, since they felt that there isn’t enough detailed information in the energy field, as opposed to the field of telecommunications in which the costs are much clearer.

David Almagor / Co-Founder, Executive Chairman at Panoramic Power

David Almagor / Co-Founder, Executive Chairman at Panoramic Power

After they built the technology and proved that it works, they started a pilot with a potential customer and learned the needs and information that is required by the industry. 

Yaniv told us that he was always attracted to entrapreneurship – at the age 15 he came up with a plan of how he will finance his car by helping customers assemble computers.

He gained his most of his experience abroad while working in a project manager position and solution consultant. Despite having a degree in industrial management- engineering and information systems, most of his career revolved around sales and business development.

Yaniv became the CEO of Panoramic power in 2012 after he Co-founded and managed Sparta systems Europe.
Panoramic power is a pioneer in providing device level energy management solution.

The company was recently chosen by a global fashion chain to assist in reducing the energy costs around the world. Consequenly, energy costs were decreased by up to 25%.


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