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Zazoo – Where music lovers never miss a beat!

Listen to your audience, and they will listen to you

​Listening to your audience and being prepared to make changes in your product is the best way, and maybe the only way, to ensure that your product is actually going to be useful and desired.
Last year Gil Blumenfeld had participated in a pitch competition. At some point, one of the participants addressed him with a question asking whether they intend to open their system to developers. They did not, but Gil ​recognized it as a sign that the need exists and before too long, a framework that would allow the creation of 3rd party mini apps was in development.

Starting up

Gil’s first experience working for a startup company occurred when he already had 15 years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry behind him. The special environment of the startup gave him, to his words, space to grow as a professional, and also as a human being. Later on he met an old friend, an expert in fraud detection, with whom they built their first startup company – Vibesec.

Today, Gil Blumenfeld is a co-founder and the CEO at Zazoo – a technology that enhances the experience of watching music video clips online. This is done by overlaying a contextual content layer above the video, such as the song’s lyrics, a direct way to purchase show tickets, information about the artist and so on.

A good advice that Gil shares with us was given to him by his mentor – one of the founders at Zeptolab, the company that built the known game “Cut The Rope”, who said that the company and the product aren’t the same. the product is the way the company engaged with its users, but the company’s philosophy and culture are as much important as its products.


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