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Overwolf – Stay in the game

Do you know that situation when you’re in the middle of a computer game and you want to do a short break and do something like check your Facebook or share a screenshot, but you can’t switch away from the game?
If you do, then you are going to like Overwolf, because letting you multitask easily while you are playing a game is what Overwolf is all about.

Overwolf are also providing a platform for people who wants to build applications to help gamers interact with the world while they are playing computer games. With Overwolf, gamers can easily do this, by simply using one of the apps that different developers built using the Overwolf platform.

Uri and his partners at Overwolf are graduates of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program in the IDC Herzliya. Uri says that they came up with the idea of Overwolf while working on another gaming related project, which they eventually decided to shut down. They noticed that game developers focus on their game’s core functionality all along the development, while the players’ needs and desires to interact with more than just the game when they can remain unsolved. Meanwhile, application developers do not take care of the same issue, when their app becomes unreachable since a game is being played. And so this gap was to be filled by Overwolf.

The Overwolf Team

The Overwolf Team


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