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Carambola – Reach for the star

Yuval Brener, co-founder and CEO at Carambola, set out to change the way we all experience video clips. Carambola developed a layer of interactive content that overlays the video clip, through which they’re able to deliver a multitude of data and experiences, such as recipes, lyrics, purchase information and many other kinds of promotions. His vision for Carambola is a big one – to change the world of advertising by making it a lot more fun and useful for the viewers.

In this week’s interview, Yuval shares with us the qualities that he believes make one an entrepreneur. Qualities like the ability to look at yourself in the mirror and understand exactly where your motivations are coming from, and also the ability to choose the right co-founders for your startup, are crucial for you as an entrepreneur.

Yuval also says that their next mission is to reach deeper market penetration, so he is building a sales department for Carambola in the United States, they currently look for exceptional sales people that are experienced in the online video market.


Carambola Founders - Roey Yaniv / Yuval Brener / Roei Bareket

Carambola Founders – Roey Yaniv / Yuval Brener / Roei Bareket

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