A couple of weeks ago MyPermissions drew our attention when they won the title Best Startup in the Cyber Security category on the Israeli Geektime Geek Awards 2013, so we decided we should interview Olivier Amar, the CEO and co-founder, and here it is.

Download the interview, or listen here:

MyPermissions – One App to Rule Them All

Olivier Amar / Co-Founder, CEO at MyPermissions

Olivier Amar / Co-Founder, CEO at MyPermissions

Can you remember all the apps that you have ever installed on your mobile? Or maybe just the ones that you have used on Facebook?
Surprise! You have (at least) dozens of installed applications, and they all possess access to your personal information. Creepy, isn’t it?
That’s exactly what MyPermissions set out to solve.

As the name implies, the MyPermissions app lets you manage your permissions. It lists all the apps you have ever installed, as well as which allows access to your online personal information, and then it lets you choose to deny access for each of your apps, or continue allowing access to your online personal data.

David Habusha / Co-Founder, VP Product at MyPermissions

David Habusha / Co-Founder, VP Product at MyPermissions

A Permissions Diet

MyPermissions is a promising Israeli startup, envisioned, co-founded, and led by Olivier Amar.
It all started when Olivier’s twitter account got hacked, telling all of Olivier’s friends and followers to go on a diet and lose 20 pounds. Olivier realized it happened because of a permission that was given to the wrong app developer, but there was nothing he could do since Twitter did not let users edit their permissions.

In this inspiring interview, Olivier shares with us how he came up with the idea for MyPermissions, What inspires him, how he chose his employees and what he finds to be the most important part in the role of the CEO of a startup company.


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