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Joey Simhon and built a launcher for Android devices with contextual capabilities. It learns your tendencies, predicts your upcoming needs and arranges itself accordingly, so each time you use your phone you get a new personally customized experience. Quite magical.
They are the driving power behind Mozilla’s Firefox OS launcher, which recently announced the launch of its own cell phone that uses Firefox OS.

Joey started his first venture when he was only 12. He printed business cards and started fixing computers for his family and friends.
This period defiantly taught him a lot, especially how to fix computers without burning them down.

After completing the army service in the IDF, Joey continued this path when he started his own services company, which he eventually had to shut down.
His next venture, however, was more successful and was eventually sold to TAPUZ – an Israeli content corporation.

Even though he never went to university, he gained his education from providing services to customers, building and managing companies, and also the hard but important lesson of when and how to shut your company down.

Joey and his team raised their first round from BRM Group, a second round from DFJ, and eventually raised another round of 25 million dollars for Singapore Telecom and from Telefonica. Joey said that his team was one of the main reasons of the success of raising money, since they had an extensive experience in the VC world and where both impressive characters with a background in large scale high-tech companies.

Joey thinks that in life it’s very important to collect tools and sharpen skills that will help you to better yourself and better overcome challenges.
Joey’s mom is his role model, and he admires her ability to constantly learn, change and improve. He even decided to follow his mom’s path and go to the school for parenthood in the name of Alfred Adler in Israel, to learn how to become a better parent for his 3 children. Team



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